I'm new to all these work at home Scams and I stumbled on to this site. I have to say that I was one of those head first, eyes closed, jump in before you test the water kind of gal. I'm not proud of it and my husband isn't happy I lost money in the process of pursuing my wish to become a work at home mom. I should have known that any company that ask you to pay is a SCAMer playing possum. (If you know what I mean?) I didn't see anything bad about the company on the internet so I signed up for this company ignotius.com and right away thing seemed wrong...very wrong. they had no problem taking my money, but when it came to my services they played :freak3:Stupid! They sent NO Emails, No Call BAcks, Nothing At All. If anyone has had any bad experience with this company, Say something...Don't let anyone else fall victim to the abysmal crime. If there is nothing on the web about a company like this, then they will just keep doing it! Warning: If you think you can post on this thread about how Great the company is and you've made so much money doing it. TRUST me when I say I will track you down and make you prove it!