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    comcast digital voice good or not good?

    I was thinking about ordering phone service from comcast since at&t is charging like 64 dollars a month now and they advertise 29.99 for everything I have plus free long distance Just wanting to know compared to regular phone service is it worth the hassle and does it work right.

    thanks in advance

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    Re: comcast digital voice good or not good?

    I have phone service through Charter Communications, which I think is ultimately the same company (not entirely certain though).

    What they do for me is pretty much like a voip phone service, I think is what they said. They run a coaxial cable (like cable tv/internet) to a box, then the rj-11 (or whatever the normal phone cable is) from the box to the phone(s). The box is small, about the size as a cable/dsl modem, if not a little bit smaller than some.

    I have had no problems with the service. I got it for the free long distance, as I recently moved out of state, and I have seen no additional charges of any sort (still paying the $30 a month, as part of a package, seven months later). The sound quality is as clear as any other phone I've used (never paying attention, mind you). One interesting thing I noticed is that the caller ID only rarely shows restricted/private. The only person it shows as private is my dad, and I believe he pays some additional fee to have his phone number shown as private and to keep it from working its way on to solicitation lists.

    The one annoying thing is that they also give me a voice messaging kind of thing. So if I do not answer it goes to a voice box they have set up for me, which means I have to dial some number, punch in the password and listen my messages through their system. I don't have a clue how this works, but I haven't looked through the manual or called anyone. It's kind of annoying because the phone I have has an answering machine built in, but, again, I don't know if I can disable their voice mail or not (haven't looked).

    Aside from that, they also give me call forwarding (if I don't answer my home phone they will forward the call to whatever I tell them to), call waiting and conference calls. None of which I have tried.

    The only actual problem I have with the service is the call waiting, as my phone does not support it. So if I am on the phone with one person, and another calls, it disconnects everyone, but that is because the phone does not know what is going on (cheap ass phone/answering machine) =P

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    Re: comcast digital voice good or not good?

    thanks for the post man switched to them 3 days ago and couldnt be happier the installation was the only bad part of the experince with them on this service they showed up 4 hours late but everything works great. Just glad to be rid of at&t

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