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    5Linx reps.... ONLY

    Quick intro: I am currently an ACN rep. I'm leaning heavily towards joining LYA. I've liked almost everything I've seen with the company. I feel I owe it to myself, however, to at least inquire about what YOUR corporate company has to offer: comp plan, presentation (of the opportunity), training, status of 5Linx (financially and scope of expansion - international?), and products. Perhaps there are "other" information I should be aware of as well? That would be much appreciated also. Comp plan wise, I'm very well informed how and where m0ney is made in ACN and LYA. So, please, don't compare. Just present your own.

    I've been following discussions on this board enough to conclude that it gets too ugly. It brings out the person in people that they themselves would look down upon, with a little introspect. My point is, please do inform an inquiring mind about what's so great about your company, and stay away from making any type of reference to other telecom-based MLM's.

    Your time and effort will be greatly appreciated. Have a great day guys.

    PS: No PM's or phone #'s. 5 Linx being in the top 3 Telecom-MLM's, that I have yet to dig into, I just want to know what you guys have on the table.
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    Re: 5Linx reps.... ONLY

    Who said they were in the top 3?
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    Re: 5Linx reps.... ONLY

    You may be correct. Top-whatever they may belong in, however, my inquiries remain: 5Linx reps.... ONLY.

    With all due respect.

    To our health and wealth.
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    Re: 5Linx reps.... ONLY

    everything on how LYA ACN and 5linx run the same way except the residual payouts.i know i cant explain the comp plan like how april47 does with LYA.

    i can tell you the biggest difference between 5linx and the rest in the customer aquisition payout is that 5linx offers there reps extra money if you personaly aquired 50 customers. (this aint no chump change money)and they double that if you get 100 customers.(i've paid bills with this cuz i'm in the Club)

    6 positions
    IMR -(get 4 customer pts)

    ET - (3 frontline reps/ 10 customer pts)

    ED - (3 ET's in 3 seperate legs/ 20 customer pts)OR
    (25pts each in you 3 leg downline)

    ND - (4 frontline reps/150 pts each in those 3 legs above)

    SVP -(6 frontline reps/ 2 ND's in any of those legs)

    PSVP-(2 downline SVP's in any of the above legs)

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    Re: 5Linx reps.... ONLY

    The way CAB's are distributed in LYA and ACN are COMEPLTELY different. Let me elaborate:

    LIGHTYEAR ALLIANCE: Corporate does NOT keep a dime off of franchise fees. Even when a coded upline(s) in the hierarchy is not qualified, I believe (though don't quote me on this), compression kicks in - The system will look for the next qualified person in that position to give that bonus to.

    ACN: Corporate operates off of breakage - "a quota system". ETT's earn CAB's on intervals of 2 qualified reps (in a given month). So, qualifying 3 new reps, an ETT will only get paid CAB's on 2 of them ($200). The ETL quota brackets are as follows: 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40. BTW, the quota for RVP's, in the high end, is $25,000 for 250 qualified new reps, and $50,000 for 500. NOTHING in between. Ahem, excuse me, and what constitutes those 250-500 is a result of the grunt work of all the foot soldiers (ETT's and ETL's) that TC's and RVP's reap the MOST rewards from. Nevermind the fact that corporate's breakage system doesn't exactly please me either.

    LYA pays CAB's... PER rep you bring in, and qualify. On top of that, coding is a beautiful thing. If I bring you in in my SVP code, I override EVERYBODY you bring in BEFORE you hit my position. You can actually stand proud and pronounce your success with this company given that your best bet to maximize the comp plan is to grow your organization... as you go up the ranks. One other thing, if I bring you in, and, I'm in the entrance position, I still have an incentive to make you go pass getting qualified (2 customers). Why? Because on top of the $50 I get for doing that, I get an additional $200 if you get 10 TOTAL customers in 30 days. In ACN, once a rep qualifies, ETT's, ETL's, TC's, and RVP's... can only hope that those reps bring in more new recruits... MOST of whom fall victim to the same vicious cycle - so THEY can meet their quotas. Nothing against the hierarchy of ACN reps. But, there's literally NO incentive for the ranks to see a new rep go past qualfying. Because that's where bonuses begin and end. And, in LYA, you get upfront pay for getting prefered customers.

    Also, ACN demotes you if you fall out of qualification, from a position you've EARNED. Given, you are granted a "grace period". In LYA, even if your downline, who's incrimental to your earning your position, falls out of qualification, it does NOT affect your position. Only YOU can fall yourself out of qualification. EVEN THEN, LYA will NEVER take your position away. Very important if, say, you're in the upper 3 positions in the hierarchy where business pays really good. Wouldn't you agree? If you fall short on customer points, you just don't get paid CAB's in your position until you make up for such shortage in points.

    Those are ALL facts. You see, I got to a point where a spark hit my drive. And now I'm hungry to make a career out of network marketing. But, once I realized everything I explained above, you can probably see why someone in my shoes would begin to look for a company who makes their reps feel a little more comfortable in their skin than that.

    How much is the bonus for acquiring 50 and 100 customers? I take it this applies to PERSONAL customers? And, I say this with all due respect, REALLY - if you can't explain your comp plan how would a prospect, with the same interest as me, be able to evaluate 5Linx? Showing a comp plan to a new rep and half-ass-ly explaining it don't cut it for me. I'm here to build a business. That means building leaders, and, consequently, achieving a higher retention rate than what's the norm in MLM. Both in customers and reps. This goal can only be accomplished if a leader is thoroughly educated about his/her company so as to empower his/her organization with such information.

    Sorry for the long post. As you can see, however, I am genuinly marketing my options.
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    Re: 5Linx reps.... ONLY

    5linx's comp plan:

    Start up:
    IMR = $499
    CR =$99: can upgrade to IMR two ways
    1. Pay additional $400 in 30days, and rep is upgraded to IMR retro-back to reps start date. So any bonuses merited will be released for quick start.

    2. Acquire 20 points, sponsor and qualify an IMR.

    IMRs receive $25 cab

    IMR qualification is 4 points (atleast one being outside household)

    ET= 10pts and 3 qualified IMRs
    Quickstart Bonus upto $1250:
    10pts < 30 days = $150
    10pts < 60 days = $75

    20pts < 30 days = $350
    20pts < 60 days = $175

    ET < 30 days = $675
    ET < 60 days = $377

    Cab: Personal = $75, O.L = $50
    Coded Resi: Personal = 20%, O.L. =10%, 1st Gen= 3% ;of CV

    ED = 20pts and 4 Q-IMRs, 3 ETs in 3 legs or 25 total cust pts in 3 sep legs
    Quickstart Bonus = ED < 60 days = $1500

    Cab: Personal = $125, O.L. = $50, 1st Gen= $30
    Coded Resi: Personal = 30%, O.L. =10%, 1st Gen= 5% ;of CV
    O.L. bonus (TCab) = $375 for every 5 Q-IMRs Unlimited.
    Trainer Coach Bonus = $30
    Monthly Revenue Pool = varies monthly

    ND = 25pts and 4 Q-IMRs, 150 total cust pts in 3 sep legs
    Quickstart Bonus = ND < 90 days = $5000

    Cab: Personal = $180, O.L. = $55, 1st Gen= $30
    Coded Resi: Personal = 50%, O.L. =20%, 1st Gen= 5% ;of CV
    O.L. bonus (TCab) = $750 for every 10 Q-IMRs Unlimited.
    Trainer Coach Bonus = Personal:$50, O.L. = $20
    Monthly Revenue Pool = varies monthly
    * As a ND, you also qualify for all the ED bonuses up to the first ED position.

    SVP = 25pts and 6 Q-IMRs, 1 ND in 3 sep legs
    Quickstart Bonus = SVP < 180 days = $10,000

    Cab: Personal = $210, O.L. = $30, 1st Gen= $35, 2nd Gen = $30
    Coded Resi: Personal = 65%, O.L. =15%, 1st Gen= 8% 2nd Gen = 4%;of CV
    O.L. bonus (TCab) = $1000 for every 20 Q-IMRs Unlimited.
    Trainer Coach Bonus = Personal:$70, O.L. = $20, 1st Gen = $10
    Monthly Revenue Pool = varies monthly
    * As a SVP, you also qualify for all the ND and ED bonuses up to the first ND and ED position.

    Expense Account, Shares of company stock, $800 toward BMW, Paid Vacation, $3 VoIP Cust Bonus.

    PSVP = 25pts and 6 Q-IMRs, 1 ND in 3 sep legs, 1 SVP in 2 sep legs
    Quickstart Bonus = PSVP < 12 months = $50,000

    Cab: Personal = $220, O.L. = $10,
    Coded Resi: Personal = 75%, O.L. =10%, of CV
    Monthly Platinum Revenue Pool = varies monthly
    * As a PSVP, you also qualify for all the SVP/ND/ED bonuses up to the first SVP/ND/ED position.

    All the SVP perks, plus Bentley. And a Revenue for ONLY PSVP. $0.75 for every Globalinx (VoIP) customer is put in a pool (residually) and split agmonst the PSVP. $10 for every new Q-IMR is put in a pool monthly, and split amongst the PSVP.

    Revenue Pools

    Customer bonus pool: $5 is put in the pool for all VoIP Cust. entered that month. 60% of the total pool is split for all the Q-50cust club members, double payout to 100 cust club.

    40% of the pool is split amongst the top 5 Cust getters for the that month. (CRs and IMRs participate in the Customer bonus pools also)

    IMR Bonus Pool: (ED/ND/SVP: PSVP can qualify at all these Position also if O.L.)
    $10 every Q-IMR, at each position (ED pool/ND pool/SVP pool.

    60% to all the ED/ND/SVPs that Qualify to receive bonus.
    40% to the top 5 producing ED/ND/SVP.

    SVP/ND can qualify for more then one pool for O.L. prod.

    ----- Well thats enough for now. I tried to cover as much as I could. I think I covered most of it. I may have missed some stuff, just wanted to give you the jist of it. Not sure If I covered all the qualifications needed. But if you have questions I'm sure you'll ask lol

    If any 5linx reps feel I missed something, or was unclear please feel free to add/clear up.
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