The Fruit of the Spirit

Contemporary people are facing big trials. Today you cannot meet a calm person anywhere. Whoever had lived on Earth, he came to a bad end after all. Nevertheless everyone hopes to finish well. All people - innocent or sinners - suffer while living on Earth. When a sinner suffers, people think that his sufferings are justified, but they ask themselves why an innocent man should suffer. A sinner rectifies his errors and pays off his sins by suffering. And a righteous man elevates himself through sufferings. In other words, some people suffer in order to pay their debts, others - in order to go further. There is a third category of people, who do not want to suffer in any of these ways. But no budget is foreseen for them. Does the contemporary state not act in the same way? It provides budget for two categories of people: for those, who reform themselves, being ready to pay their debts, and for those, who are willing to advance. It has built up prisons and hospitals for the first category of people as well as schools for the second category. But the state does not grant funds for those, who do not want to be in prisons or hospitals neither they want to study.

All people today seek happiness. Everyone strives to make his Life meaningful, but he does not know how. He shall create his own philosophy, which to stick up with in any case. He should know where he has come from and where he goes. Without that knowledge he is like someone who has an expen¬sive quality violin, but he does not know how to play it. He places it in and out of the box, lubricating the bow and taking the violin in his hands, but when he decides to play, nothing comes out. So the violin is useless for him. It is better to sell it so that at least his material status might be improved. Therefore Life is worthy, when one understands it. Having realized Life and the rules, which govern it, man is ready to benefit from it.

Contemporary people cannot use Life thoroughly, because they understand either its material, spiritual or intellectual side. Man himself is a complex being, consisting of heterogeneous matter and powers, as well as of heterogeneous feelings and thoughts. So, in order to understand Life completely, man should first understand himself. After he has studied and come to know himself, he would be able to understand Life and make it worthwhile. It is said in the Bible that God has made man out of soil and has given him breath turning him into a living soul. Man should study, after he has come to Earth, being created according to the image of God and to His likeness. If he has come with a greater mission, i.e. to help humanity, he should study for himself, simultaneously helping his neighbors. Didn't Christ do the same? On the one hand He studied, on the other hand - He helped the mankind.

Being disciples, you should study, using the knowledge you get. You say, that you shall receive it for free. No, if one does not study in the elementary school, he cannot continue in the secondary school; if he does not study in the secondary school, he cannot go to the high school; and if he does not study in the high school, he cannot go to the University.

Nothing is given for free in Life. While living, one should make use of the lessons of Life - of joys and sufferings. They present the two sides of Life. Many people do not know why they should pass through joys and sufferings. Life cannot be revealed with¬out joys and sufferings. If somewhere joys are absent, sufferings do not exist there either. If sufferings are not presented somewhere, joys are also excluded. Life cannot be manifested without these poles. Don't death and Life go together? Death is the reverse side of the existence - Life is its face. Horse loading - it is the right side of Life or its face; horse unloading - it is the reverse side of Life. Therefore, man constantly loads himself in the process of living, and unloads himself by passing away.

Man certainly loads himself, but at the same time he is developing his potential in the process of living. He is developing his sight, which allows him to receive true imprints of the external world. When these imprints are true, his difficulties become less. Man is also developing his ear in order to get a good reception of the sounds as well as of what is spoken to him. At the same time he is developing his senses of touch, flavor and taste in order to be correct to everything received from outside. Whoever takes into consideration his memories and imprints of the experienced sufferings, he will diminish his errors and crimes. Whoever does not do this is like a carnivorous animal. For example, a wolf kills and eats sheep not considering the sufferings, which it causes to them. According to the wolfs understanding God has created sheep especially for its species, otherwise it will be sentenced to death. But the wolf itself assumed the right to eat sheep. It had forgotten the initial food it used. Grass and roots were intended to be the sheep and wolfs food. Wolf deviated from the right way of nutrition later on. Man also deviated from the right way of nutrition. God wanted him to eat fruits, but he violated this law. From a hygienic point of view meat is not a clean food. It contains a lot of impurities, filths and microbes from the cells of the animals, as a result of which man is often ill. If you eat meat, it is impossible for you to be absolutely healthy.

The contemporary physiologists and hygienists confirm, that man should change the type of food he uses nowadays. But he shall be convicted in order to change his own way of nutrition. Moreover, he shall know what food to accept. There is not a better and healthier food than wheat. But a great part of its nutrients are lost in the present process of wheat milling and bread prepa¬ration. In order to use all nutrients you should plough the field and reap the wheat in Love. And if you use animals, you shall treat them well. Many people do not believe this, but one day everyone will be convinced in the truth of my words.

Since you have come to live on Earth, you should know the purpose of this. You have come to study and to acquire the eternal Life - the Life of immortality. You should fight in order to get free from the slavery and the limitations of death, so that you may become immortal. No one on Earth has set free by now. In order to set free, man should be simultaneously a master and a servant of himself. If he has not acquired this, he cannot realize Freedom as well as the laws of Life. You should be graduated from at least four faculties in the Spiritual world in order to become a servant there. You need four faculties even for the simplest and the most ordinary spiritual service. If you go to a higher service, then you need a specialization. It is not easy to get some service in the Spiritual world.

Therefore, if you want to understand the physical life partially, you should finish at least four faculties. Then even the stones will speak to you in the same way as the gramophone records speak and sing to you. The impossible for one is possible for another. It was impossible in the past that a record could speak and sing, but it is quite a common thing today. What is recorded, it can be transmitted by a gramophone.

Scientists know a lot of things, but still they cannot understand the invisible side of Life. This invisible side, which exists, is nothing else, but the Spiritual world. You should study its internal and external features, so that you can realize it. Everyone possesses hidden potential and wealth, which he should study by himself. How is he going to study this? With the help of a prominent professor. A child can never become edu¬cated, if his/her mother and father are not educated as they pres¬ent the conditions for the development of the child's internal potential. A cow gives birth to a calf, not to some other being. There is an internal potential, but not conditions for it. The world is in demand of genius mothers and fathers to give birth to genius children. It is also in demand of genius teachers. One should be born many times in order to become genius.

That is why Christ said: "You will not enter into the Kingdom of God, if you are not reborn." One shall be reborn by water and by the Spirit. The Spirit is the rational, powerful beginning, which will introduce man into the Kingdom of God. No one can do what water, air, Light, Life and the Spirit can do for you. The Spirit gives the greatest gift to man. It is said, that the fruit of the Spirit is Love. Man cannot touch the secrets of the Kingdom of God without coming into contact with the Spirit, without living on Love - the fruit of the Spirit.

I wish you all to live on the fruit of the Spirit - Love, which can solely release man of all conflicts and limitations. Live on Love in order to become masters and servants of yourselves. Only becoming masters and servants of yourselves, you will become servants of God too.

Listen to the lesson of the Spirit, speaking to you from inside and outside your being.

Lecture held by Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)