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    FREE Tax Money - Does anyone know what FREE means

    See what this American family has had to endure because of the "Free Tax Advise" Gimmicks of JK Harris Associated Tax Relief, etc.The IRS and the State of Missouri has permitted these friends to be in business in the State of Missouri. See how your American children will pay to live in America in the future! FREE Tax money to lift-up the economy - yea sure, another way to tax your pants off!


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    Re: FREE Tax Money - Does anyone know what FREE me

    Excerpted from site:
    "Iris & Pablo M. are legal US citizens from birth and both of us have their bachelearate Degrees"

    I just don't think that "bachelearate" is a typo- these folks are going to be considered semi-literate scam artists by me until proven otherwise.
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    Re: FREE Tax Money - Does anyone know what FREE me

    looks as ""mumbles"" gave you the answer. but you know, if someone gives you a gift, and it is money. if you put it in the bank, you should not, because that free gift present from a friend, relative whatever, it is going to be taxed upon.. i heard that when you get a present from a family member , relative, friend, cousin, it should not be taxed but it is. some people are afraid to keep money in the house, so they put it in the bank, they wont even keep a dollar in the house, as strange as that sounds, they go to the bank and withdraw some money out... taxed her taxed there, it is a crying shameeeeeeeeeee....eeeeeeeee

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