I found this article "Six Simple Ways to Bring Home the Bacon (Literally)" on my ATT homepage this morning.
Published: 1/17/08, 3:43 PM EDT

One thing Chad Brown doesnít stress about is his daily commute. Rolling out of bed, washing his face, and walking 10 paces to his computer, heís already at work. The CEO of Plus 1 Tickets, a home-based ticket brokering firm that sells sports, theatre, and concert tickets throughout the nation, Brown is one of the more than 4.2 million Americans that are ditching the daily commute in favor of punching in at home.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, almost half of the nationís small businesses are currently operated from home-based offices -- and why not? As employer loyalty wanes and low-cost, lightening-speed technology becomes more accessible, itís easier than ever to start your own firm without leaving home. Here are six skills youíll need to kiss the cubicle goodbye.

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Almost half of U.S. small businesses operated from home. Seems conclusive to me.

I've run my home-based business since 1987, as my families primary or sole income. Apparently I'm not alone. 4.2 million others can't be wrong.

Dennis Bevers