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    Mutual Concepts Limited is an absolute SCAM

    If you see this ad... Please beware!!!

    Customer service representative/Receptionist
    From: Jennifer Roberts (Personnel Manager)
    Mutual Concepts Limited

    We are in search of a "Hard Working Online Customer service representative/Receptionist" .
    Salary is $35/hr for 6 hours a day; 5days a week.
    No Selling /Marketing or commission.
    No registration or signup fee.
    Work from home.

    *Making out and Receiving payments
    *Attending contract seminars on the company's behalf.
    *Handling business transactions for the company , by acting as our regional officer in your city.
    Any other related duties as may be reasonably assigned by the Accountant.
    *A high school diploma, preferably with courses in Accounting, Mathematics & statistics /
    Computer studies
    *Applications, with one year work experience;
    * Should be self-motivated, good public relation skills , committed to duties and must possess good communication Skills


    * Computer literate in Microsoft Office
    *Experienced in working with money
    *Extensive experience in dealing with the public
    * Excellent telephone and written communication skills
    * Strong knowledge of Word, Excel, Adobe InDesign, and Power Point
    * High attention to detail
    * Strong organizational skills
    * Able to function within strict confidentiality parameters
    * Work independently with strong prioritization skills
    * Excellent interpersonal skills
    * Ability to work well with all levels of internal management and staff as well as clients
    * Must be comfortable with multiple demands of fast paced office.

    If you are an interested applicant forward your resume/CV to Jennifer Roberts at

    N:B Bonus and compensation which include Medical Fees,Childsupport fee,Social & Welfare fees including retirement fees are only allocated to staffs who dedicated there best effort towards the upliftment of this business enterprise.

    Here in Mutual Concepts Limited we have cordial door to door relationship with our staffs to make sure that there good upkeep, sound health and vibrant attitude to work is been taken care of , as your safety is our main priority towards achieveing a great goal in our field of work.

    Yours sincerely,
    Jennifer Roberts.
    Personnel Manager,
    Mutual Concepts Limited
    Tel: 447031898746


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    Re: Mutual Concepts Limited is an absolute SCAM

    They will ask you to open up a Wells Fargo Account saying that the checking account is for the company funds and the savings account is for your weekly salary of $400.

    They are saying that they operate in UK and the Personnel Manager, Jennifer Roberts (too cliche... i also don't think she's really a girl), is in Texas (according to her) but in all her job postings her number is a UK number. And when they called me this number came up (12347039188090)when I checked my account online. She says that calls are forwarded from UK to all the regional agents’ location in the US and currently they have about 15 employees spread across the country with an annual sales figure that exceeds USD2,000,000. They are currently exporting our production to Southeast Asia, Middle east Area, North America, South America and Europe. According to her, they specialize in all kinds of Computer peripherals / Suplies such as ATX case, power supply, mouse, keyboard, speaker, blank CD-R Hard Drives, Memory Sticks and so on."

    Your only means of communication are e-mail and YM and you will need to log in everyday for specific instructions. Until the judgment day wherein money will be transferred to your account that you need to withdraw then send to some off country through Western Union. The will go to their shipping agent for customs clearance payment of orders and that same agent will be the one to send you supplies so you can set up a mini office. Then you can proceed with your real task which is to do some accounting for the company. They then promise that all information regarding the company including the Offer of Employment will be sent as soon as you accomplish your "professional assignment". In fact, she used such words as, "mobilization fee", "stakeholder" and "professional assignment" in most of our correspondence.

    They also have an answer for everything, in fact, they sound fairly scripted and a tad redundant but still professional. She even has a delaying tactic... she would be late in some of our meetings saying that the "stakeholders" had a meeting about their 2008 budget saying that its all in our favor. And I should've known that those are all BS!

    Then when you check you account with Wells Fargo its on HOLD then next thing you know you’re dealing with the Fraud Department. I know that because it happened to me. Apparently, they try to steal the from another Wells Fargo account to yours then a withdrawal the same day? This will certainly trigger the bank investigators that something fishy is going on.

    Thankfully, I try to stay on top of my account and check it everyday and that’s how I learned that it’s on HOLD. I sent the money through Western Union as soon as the store opened around 9am when I realized what had happened it was already noon. I called Western Union and advised to stop the transfer then walked to the store. I have been going back and forth to claim the money back (I went to 3 different places to get the money because the system was down in 2 locations and they had a problem with my ID and last name – I had just gotten married) which I was able to do around 2pm that same day. What a relief! Before bank closing I deposited the money (I waited for my husband to come home coz I was so jittery and could not leave the house). To think I was so blunt about everything to make sure they're not illegal. I even asked Jennifer Roberts if they are really legit and if I have to keep transferring to someone because I was getting a bad feeling about it. Of course she said no.

    I learned my lesson to always trust my inner voice. I was so desperate to get this job so both me and my husband can just stay at home that I failed to see all the warning signs (I offered to screen the company to see if its legit. If so, then he can quit his job and start asap since it pays more).

    They are really adamant because since last night they have been trying to contact me still and send offline messages… it was around 11pm last night. I guess they were wondering why I asked for the money to be transferred back to me. But this morning we should've a meeting and she didn’t show up.

    If you search under the company name you'll find a few postings at Monster and Jobster and a few others. I wish I had known this scam site a long time ago. I have been reading up the most of the posts here (I stayed up until 2am last night) and realized that they all had a lot in common. From now on I will always remember this old adage, “when it’s too good to be true, then it probably is”....
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    Re: Mutual Concepts Limited is an absolute SCAM

    I just have a question about the above details.

    I reported all these to the bank, I returned the money and forwared all the email to their Fraud department. I also notified Western Union Fraud department and the FTC through email. I also posted some warnings and flagged their job postings (amazingly some job search engines do not have a way to protect employees from such scammers). It wasn't such a big amount $2000 which was flagged the other day and I was able to return the money within 24 hours. Do I have to report this to the police? Please enlighten me. Thanks.
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