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    Liberty Suites Agency SCAM

    I just wanted to mention the Liberty Suites Agency, which doesnt exist :rotz:

    I just received and Email from "Kenneth Adams" from the "Liberty Suites Agency": This is the text:

    Good day Sir/Madam,
    I am Kenneth Adams.I need to book reservation for delegates coming for an academic excursion/tour in your region.My clients hired my services as an agent to know if there are spaces for their accommodation.The tour is going to commence on the XXX till the XXX .If you do not have availability at the time we requested,lets know when you preferably have availability.We need X double rooms or X single rooms that can accommodate X guests for XX nights,or space enough to accommodate X people.At this time I will like you to give us your rates per night and to know the facilities you have to offer us during our stay.I will want you to give us a total run-down/cost of what it will cost us to stay for XX days for X guests.Include tax and breakfast.Get back to me with the grand/total price for our stay so we can discuss
    payment.Do get back to me quickly, as we don't have much time.

    Liberty Suites Agency
    Regent Street,
    W1B5AH London England,
    United Kingdom.

    Fortunately, I googled the company and found a few sites where it said, that it simply does not exist and that it is a scam.

    This is how it works:

    Hope to have warned one or the other...

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    Re: Liberty Suites Agency SCAM

    I received the exact same email yesterday!!!!


    Thanks for the post...

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    Re: Liberty Suites Agency SCAM

    Hello Amigos!

    I got the same message on Saturday from a "Mark Newman". I've got these type of messages before so I didn't pay attention to it. I will write a new post mentioning all the strange messages I've received in the lastyear.

    Thanks and be careful with these people.

    Tadeo Hernndez Kelly
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    Re: Liberty Suites Agency SCAM

    We are renting a small holiday apartment here in Germany and i get the same mail from Mark Newmann Liberty Suites Agency.
    In the beginning I was thinking, that he really needs to book a room and I was responding. He was responding back, wanted to know the prices and everything.
    What does he want and why is he sending this mails???

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