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    VPI PET insurance scam

    This company posts advertising brochures from veterinary offices ASPCA's etc. none of them have the exact details for benefits, and they do not give details until you purchase the insurance. After you buy you find out how much they do not cover. After filing the claim you will wait some 5 months for them to process the claim even though they tell you and e-mail you with a promise to fulfill their obligation within 30 days. I had to keep calling until I finally got the claim processed, then it did not cover this claim. they did however point out that after I purchased the policy they did disclose this exclusion in it. Avoid this Company, they are not honest nor upfront, my vet as well as some others in this area pulled their brochures and will not recommend them. If this is not ad fraud, it borders it .

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    Re: VPI PET insurance scam

    I think you may have this company confused with some other pet insurance company. I have had VPI for several years now. First of all I found VPI to be the ONLY company who told me upfront what they did and did not cover. Everything is on the website from how much they pay for each claim to what the will not cover. I will admit there have been a few times when the check back has taken 3-4 weeks but beyond that I love VPI. They saved my pet's life and my pocketbook all at once on more than one occasion. There are BAD pet insurance companies out there. But my vet recommended VPI and I learned recently that 90 percent of vets recommend VPI only. That means a lot to me.

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