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    Scam alert,
    I would like to make everyone aware of a new scam being conducted by greataupair.com. Basicly they post or allow others to post slander about people looking for work. When you google your name it comes up. In order to have it removed, you must contact the person who wrote it which requires a paid membership. Pretty basic but it apears to be working since my client has had some pretty bad stuff written about her and is unable to find the person who wrote it(since we refuse to pay more money).

    Also there service is crap and most of the auparents listed are unsuitable for people who require even the basic standard of living. The client I represent was continously sexauly harrassed, and eventauly had to leave after 2 weeks. Reconsider before sending money. Aupair, Great Aupair greataupair.com

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    Re: greataupair.com

    As far I know, GreatAupair does not investigate, arbitrate or endorse any posting made in their public forum. I don't believe that is a scam to have a public forum on a website. Regarding GreatAupair's service, I have had nothing but wonderful experiences. I've found several great nannies and aupairs and highly recommend this site to others.

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