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Thread: Team 20k?

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    Team 20k?

    Anyone know anything about this? Has anyone tried it or know someone who has?

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    Re: Team 20k?

    Put mind in gear. Apply common sense. Do due diligence.

    Run away screaming before Cthulhu wakes.

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    Re: Team 20k?

    Yep, team 20k caught my eye about a month ago. I've been trying to research the entire system that they use. I'm seriously considering saving money and investing money into this.

    But like I said, I don't know enough to say this is legit.

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    Re: Team 20k?

    Team 20K is the reverse funnel system, but Chris campbells version of the reverse funel system. He jumped on this because sponsoring 100 people a month to make 100K a month was wearing him out. I was actually on the webinar where finally admitted that sponsoring that many people was spreading himself thin and he could not keep up with it, being that most of them wanted inividual attention, which was something he couldn't give that much of.

    So in result he creates this team 20K, he's using the Global Resort Network compensation plan to get $1,000 from his direct sales and $1,000 from his direct downline sales.He also said that he would close down his sponsoring when he recieved the 30 special memebers, yet he sponsored 60 when he first launched team 20K, and he's still sponsoring memebers to this second. The claim of all his memebers making 20K a month is a lie, they aren't all making 20K, I have some friends making good money but all of them aren't if they were, Chris wouldn't still be trying to bring people in his downline. I am not bashing Chris or anything, but I'm giving it out straight without all the hype that this has been filled up with.

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    Re: Team 20k?

    Well said.... Chris & Matt broke their original concept by going above & beyond 32 members. That has hampered the weekly webinars as more & more newbies enter the system & waste our "training" time with "back-end" nonsense.

    The system works. More powerful tools will be out soon. Join the right sponsor THOUGH!

    You can find all the facts on team20k here:
    www dot squidoo dot com / team20k
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