I have reason to believe that Reginal Gilmour is holding himself and a non-existent firm out to be an "investment manager" operating a "hedge fund". There is no record of "Euro Atlantic Investment Mgmt. LLC" - no registration with the SEC, Florida Divisions of Finance or Securities, or the NASAA. Nor is there a record of the purported LLC.

I am not sure if there is a connection with the "firm" and the now defunct Euro-Atlantic Securities, stripped of its registration in 2000 because of violations of the Securities Act, but my guess is there is. But other than both being in Florida, I cannot confirm this as fact.

I have original emails from this individual and have talked with several companies which have been misled by this individual.

I feel it is my duty to see that no other honest investment professionals, investors or companies fall prey to him and what looks to be a sham investment firm.