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    the pepsi company

    i recieved a letter saying that i won 1,500,00 pounds from pepsi promotion/prize award dept. has anyone out there the same one. i copied the letter and also saved it in a file. please help to let me know if this is real. which i hardly think it is. thanks

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    Re: the pepsi company

    Yes, Pepsi is a scam, drink Coke.

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    Re: the pepsi company

    They will either send you a bad check and ask you to send a fee back to them from the cashed check or they will ask for a fee up front. Either way you will lose.

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    Re: the pepsi company

    Quote Originally Posted by kennyboy View Post
    Yes, Pepsi is a scam, drink Coke.
    Haha. I'm with you all the way.

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