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    Trraficforless.com Cheats

    Hi Folk

    This Mrs. Jyoti Gomes from Ahmedabad city from India. I am an affiliate of SFI, hence I need lots leads and hits. So subscribed to trafficforless.com for package of $60 for US leads and 10K hits to my website.

    However this company has been proved totally fraudulent
    and has supplied cooked up and framed leads and no hits to the website. Does not answer any query or question but supplies ticket number which expires every 72 hours in spite of replying immediately.

    "Father forgive them they do not know what they are doing."

    I have lost my hard earned money but it is I who is to be blamed for this act for not listening to my upline.:cry:

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    Re: Trraficforless.com Cheats

    You shouldn't have spent money.

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