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    Re: The Truth About Larry Chiappone You Did Not Kn

    wtempe - it hurts me to say this , but if you or any one else really believes what you are saying, I would suggest you NEVER do any business with me and I would recommend people not to do business with me. That is what I would suggest....if you really feel this way.

    I have been fortunate enough to build a strong business through building strong relationships throughout the last bunch of years. That is the blueprint on how you build a business - ANY BUSINESS - and nothing that happened 16 years ago is going to erase that. And when I voice my opinion, I don't need to remain anonymous.

    The fact is that more than 16 years ago, I made an horrendous mistake that I paid a tremendous price for, which I deserved. There is no dispute. I don't know if you made any mistakes in your life - but if you did and paid the penalty - then 16 years later you had to apologize for it, be embarrassed and humilated for it, and pretty much pay a big price again for it, I don't think you would appreciate it, like it, or feel that this is a fair representation of you. I just hope for all you anonymous people that this NEVER happens to you because unless you have lived a perfect life, I think you will agree that we all have demons in the closet that can be bandered about for public view.

    FYI, I am not in The Cash Tycoon. I have not actively promoted a MLM program in almost 3 years. Since The Money Doctor, and since The Money Doctor was a flop for me, as well as for so many other people, I decided MLM is not for me anymore. And as one person pointed out, YES, I am in Money Makers Monthly since 1989 and YES, I still collect commission checks for the hard work I did recruiting people back in the 90's. I really thought that was what MLM was all about - work hard for a few years, then sit back and collect commissions. That is what I have done with MMM and been doing.

    I would suggest if you do join any MLM program, make sure you make a commitment to that program. Because programs don't work, people do. The only programs I have been able to make work are the ones I put many hours into. Nothing will work by itself, no matter what you read or anyone tells you. NOTHING! But when you do commit to something and it does work out well for you, it is very rewarding. That is the excitement of MLM. It can be tremendously rewarding.

    For anybody that feels the same way as wtempe, please contact me at 631-961-8760. I will remove you from my list, so we can save a few trees out there and you will never hear from this pathetic soul again.

    Thank you for listening.

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    Re: The Truth About Larry Chiappone You Did Not Kn

    Interesting that I found this scam website about Larry Chiappone! In my greed I must admit that I paid Larry $3000 dollars to do a mailing of 10,000 (for $1,000) plus a bonus of 12,000 = 22,000 mail pieces (all this for $1000). You do the math. This was for a program called Make 7,245 cash - every week! The program is run by Trinity Mail Max www.tmailmax.com It has been almost 3 months now. Guess what...no response what so ever! I tried to call Trinity Mail Max and I get no answer. After many calls you may get an answering machine, but no return call. The email they give jp@sessuccessteam.com comes back as invalid. Just to let you know, that 22,000 x 3 piecse of mail with no response is very interesting. Thanks to this website I will contact the proper channels to investigate the problem. Good thing I have a good relationship with someone in the post office as well as the local postmaster. I may do another secret order through Larry Chiappone and track the results. Be very aware about dealing with Larry Chiappone and his group. I say group, because if Larry says I just do orders and I am not involved, its just a cope out. On my first initial speaking with Trinity Max Mail Maximizer founder who goes by the name JP, he told me that Larry was going to use his "gold List", names of proven buyers. He also said that he has worked with Larry. Well, to summarize all things, either no mailings went out by Larry Chiappone, or Trinity Mail MAximizer is a scam. I will diligently post to other blogs as well as create an army of blogs to let everyone in on the Larry Chiappone is he a scam artist or not. I will chronicle my relationship with my dealings with him. That way we can determine whether he is true or fake. This may use up some of my cash, but in the end it may prove useful to the proper channels if this is truly a scam or not. No judgment call yet, let's just play this out and see without any bias what the results will be. A last note, as of this posting, the Trinity Mail Maximizer site is down. Very Interesting don't you think? To quote Larry Chiappone "It’s my goal to put honest offers in front of interested people." - see above re: by Larry himself.
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    Re: The Truth About Larry Chiappone You Did Not Kn

    After finding this site and reading the information on here, I went to the Better Business Bureau site http://search.newyork.bbb.org/report...age=1&id=18475 and what a surprise - there are 2 complaints made in the past year. What a piece of work. Just because you want to forget about the haneous things you've done and keep denying it until you're blue in the face, doesn't mean it won't be uncovered and come back to haunt you. All I have to say is Good God, we have another Bernie Madoff on our hands.

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    Re: The Truth About Larry Chiappone You Did Not Kn

    I believe that this has alot to do with nothing folks. This man probably mails tens of thousands of of pieces of mail every week. To have 2 measely specks on his record from the BBB is nothing! You cannot please everyone all the time. Has he ever screwed up? Yes! We all have to some degree...many just never got caught. It is so easy to sit on the sideline and cast stone after stone at someone who works hard everyday. I'll bet you all have never tried to cheat on your taxes or ever took something that didn't belong to you...or what about telling a lie. Folks...we all fall short in thought word and deed daily. As for me? Yes...guilty as charged! I sin daily and am not proud of it...but know that I am forgiven. Thank God for sending a Saviour. Larry Chiappone...if you are out there...I have no beef with you. Be blessed.

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    Re: The Truth About Larry Chiappone You Did Not Kn

    Excuse me... but the real SCAM is that the American people are paying 44 cents per envelope when the law on the books that has never been repealed, says the cost of postage via the post office is 2 cents. I mail all my letters for 2 cents, and it is 100% legal. All you have to do is write "Non Domestic Without United States". The postal service is different and has different rates than the post office. Postal service send to federal jurisdictions, and they charge 44 cents. Post office just send in between the individual soverign states. If you put a zip code or abbreviation on your envelope, that is a federal privilage, so your mailing will need postal service rate.

    "[at 12 Stat. 705] SEC. 23. And be it further enacted, That the rate of postage on all letters not transmitted through the mails of the United States, but delivered through the post-office or its carriers, commonly described as local or drop letters, and not exceeding one half ounce in weight, shall be uniform at two cents, and an additional rate for each half ounce or fraction thereof of additional weight, to be in all cases prepaid by postage stamps affixed to the envelope of such letter, but no extra postage or carrier's fee shall hereafter be charged or collected upon letters delivered by carriers, nor upon letters collected by them for mailing or for delivery


    Because, this will prove to many nay-Sayers:
    1) that the zip code makes your address a federal zone.
    2) that the 2 letter abbreviation is a "federal State"
    3) That the post office is a federal corporation and is tricking the average American into using 44 cent stamps, when only a 2 cent stamp is required.
    4) That all 50 states are "without the United States".
    5) And that common knowledge of government is OFTEN misunderstood.
    6) that the "United States" means the "federal Government"

    Quote Originally Posted by wtempe View Post
    It’s all well and good that after you were cornered, you apologized. I’m sure you have heard that a TIGER can’t change its stripes. Since you were brazen enough to defraud the United States Post Office, imagine what you can do to the “Little People”. Compared to the United States Post Office that would be a piece of cake for a fraud like you. Impossible you say? You may not be doing it in the same way as years ago, but you probably have found new and improved ways to defraud and scam (“Money Doctor" and "Cash Tycoon”). GREED is addicting, and being in the business that you’re in, the temptation is great, and you just can’t help yourself.

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    Re: The Truth About Larry Chiappone You Did Not Kn

    Quote Originally Posted by gratefulhealer
    I mail all my letters for 2 cents, and it is 100% legal.
    You're full of shit.

    From postalinspectors.uspis.gov:


    "Since about 1988, unscrupulous people have promoted a fraudulent scheme to sell "secret" information that claims it is legal to send a First-Class letter for only 2 cents, 3 cents, or 6 cents. For various prices, often ranging from $5 to $20, the promoter sends you a copy of an out-of-date federal law that was eliminated by the Postal Reorganization Act of 1970 (Title 39 of the United States Code).

    Don't be misled by a promoter's claim that his letter, advertising the "secret," reached you with only a 2-cent, 3-cent, or 6-cent stamp. A few underpaid letters do get through the Postal Service's automated mail processing equipment, but most don't. So, if you buy the "secret," not only will you be wasting your money, you will also have any short-paid letters you send either returned to you or delivered to the addressees who will be charged the additional postage due.

    Also, don't be misled if the promoter claims that the law that reflects the lower postage rate has never been changed by the U.S. Congress. Prior to passage of the Postal Reorganization Act, postage rates were set by the Congress, and the rate of postage for First-Class Mail was 6-cent. However, when the Post Office Department became the U.S. Postal Service in July 1971, the power to prescribe postal rates was delegated to the Postal Service.

    Under the new law, postal rates were no longer established by direct legislative enactment, but through administrative action by the Postal Service Board of Governors and the independent Postal Rate Commission. Also, Section 3 of the act provided that postage rates, as well as classes of mail and fees for postal services, prescribed before the effective date of the new law, were to remain in effect until they were changed in accordance with the new administrative rate-making procedures outlined by the Act.

    If you begin selling obsolete postal rate material to others, you will be engaging in a promotion which violates the False Representation Statute (Title 39, United States Code, Section 3005) and may be in violation of the Mail Fraud Statute (Title 39, United States Code, Section 1341), a federal felony law.

    When you open your mail, if you receive an offer for an information package on how to send First-Class Mail using only a 2-cent, 3-cent, or 6-cent stamp, give the envelope and its contents back to your postal letter carrier, or forward it to your local postmaster or the nearest Postal Inspector."

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    Re: The Truth About Larry Chiappone You Did Not Kn

    Originally Posted by gratefulhealer
    I mail all my letters for 2 cents, and it is 100% legal.

    Spoken like a true scammer and pinhead! You must have taken a page out of Larry Chiappone's handbook. Soon enough you'll have a prison experience to go along with the page.

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    Re:The Truth About Larry Chiappone - prison record

    :zx11pissed:Here is the link for Larry Chiappone's arrest and jail record : http://www.bop.gov/iloc2/InmateFinde...Age=&x=60&y=10:
    If you were ever to call Larry on the phone,
    he would have been rude, belligerent
    and even threaten your life. That is what
    happened to me after trying his service
    once - with not a single response!
    when I called trying to get an explanation for "ZERO RETURN ON

    I knew right away Larry was a scammer hiding behind a story about
    his family - wife and kid with pics to
    show he was an honest family man !
    What a scumbag !

    It looks like he is spending more time in jail or is in probation until 02-01-2013.
    Karma is a bitch isn't it Larry ???

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    Re: The Truth About Larry Chiappone - prison record

    Hello all, I know this post is rather dated, and I'm glad it's still here, so has anyone else received anything from our old friend Larry Chiaponne lately? I did! It's an invitation to join the "$5000 a Week Cash Generator!" program. It's a six page cover letter (3 pages front n back) and a 2 page invitation. But wait there's more! It's pretty unreal, at two places in the cover letter he signs his name as Larry Costello. He's working with Rich Diamond Sr., the top distributor in Nutrition Express, The Million Dollar Program, The Money Doctor, AXWOL Vitamins, Oasis Diet Program, The Need Money Right Now Program, and Dr. Freemans $203,000 Program. They claim that with just a $400 investment (isn't illegal to use the term investment for something other than the market?) one has the potential to generate $1,684,000 with just a simple 2% response. Sure it sounds great. But c'mon. It looks like Larry was recently released from the joint.........again........2-1-2013, and he is using his list of proven buyers (suckers), yes I am on that list. I did some business with Larry back in 2001 or 2002, and amazingly enough I received exactly 0 (ZERO) responses to the many thousands of flyers Larry mailed for me. And yes I called him, and did call him and did get to talk to him, and he was just as eyeinthesky described, a real jerk. Oh yeah, the first letter I received advised me it would be the only one I get as this is a "ground Floor" opportunity, and so on, well, 12 days later I got another one. The title is CME Financial News. Larry Costello. Anyway just checking to see if any one else has noticed Larry Chiappone trying his old tricks again as Larry Costello under the business name CME. Has anyone tried to go to www.lcme.com lately?Thanks and good luck.

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    Re: The Truth About Larry Chiappone You Did Not Know

    Yes, it looks like he has changed his name to Costello (at least for his mailing "business") like that is supposed to fool us into thinking it's a different person.

    I'm still getting his mailings every so often. I also tried 'em out a few years back and when I received 0 responses, I also called him.

    Same result, rude and defensive on the phone.

    As far as I know, he no longer has a web site.

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    Re: The Truth About Larry Chiappone You Did Not Know

    Hi i always wanted to knw what happend to Larry chiappone i would see his programs but then eventually i wouldn't thanks for the feedback

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    Re: The Truth About Larry Chiappone You Did Not Know

    I think it's all lie!

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