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Thread: COMPUSA Scarm

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    COMPUSA Scarm

    CompUSA as we know is going out of business. The banners in the windows of all of the stores say, 10-30% off the entire store, except DVD players or something like that. The sales staff tells you the cashier will take the appropriate amount off at the register. I went in to buy a camera, a memory card and two camera cases. When the items were scanned, they scanned at full price. If I wasn't paying attention I would have paid full price. The casheirs have to put in some code so you can get the right price, and even then they need to look the item up in a book to determine if they are discounted. THE SIGN SAYS ENTIRE STORE. They are trying to take advantage of busy x-mas shoppers with other things on their mind. Be careful!

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    Re: COMPUSA Scarm

    Was in my local compusa on the 31st of dec bought a few printers new wireless network router and a couple of 2gb ddr2 ram sticks at rock bottom prices they didnt try to scam me or anything was 30 to 50% off only long term issue I can see is the warranties on all items are null and void since compusa like most big box computer part retailers get the warranties transfered to them and do in house warranties so anything that goes wrong with anything down the road you ethier have to pay out of pocket for a repair or replace the item hich generally isnt a problem inless you buy something thats defective from the get go so I know a few unsuspecting people might have gotten taken on that one point if they had bought something doa

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