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Thread: The New Birth

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    The New Birth

    The New Birth

    "Unless a man is born again he can not see the Kingdom of God." I shall focus upon the words "born again." To be born again is to be born of the Spirit. To be born of the Spirit is a new state for the human consciousness. The grain of wheat can remain for years in the barn and retain its original form, but in such a state it will never understand what the world represents. Therefore, the grain of wheat must leave the bam and be sown in the ground, in order to come in touch with light, heat, air and water. In this way it will manifest its inner life - it will begin to grow and develop. Growth is a process common to all beings. For man, however, growth implies the development of his consciousness.

    As you study the vegetable kingdom, you will see that the plants do not come into life through birth, as the beings of the animal kingdom do, but they sprout, grow and develop, going through external and internal processes, through great trials and difficulties. Man also goes through such processes before his birth. Birth is preceded by a number of inner processes. Those who do not understand the wise laws of nature and the creation of the Primary Principle, become discouraged, because they cannot find happiness in life. They look for happiness where it does not exist. Can the grain of wheat find its happiness in the barn? No matter how many years it may rest in the barn, it will remain closed up and shut off from the world. In the barn it is under favorable external conditions, but these conditions are of no real benefit to it. The grain of wheat must leave the conditions of the barn, in order to gain anything. Those who do not understand life regret, when they encounter sufferings in life, that they have left their calm state. The grain of wheat in the barn must choose between two conditions: either to enter the ground and go through a number of inner processes of suffering and joy, or to go through the mill and sacrifice itself there. If it does not choose one of these two conditions, it will remain in the barn where in the end mice will attack it.

    When contemporary people are faced with these two states they fall into a contradiction and they do not know what to do. If they remain in the barn for a long time, they will have a calm life, but how long can they remain under these conditions? They can not remain in that state for a hundred years. Then what? A day will come when they will be taken out of the barn by force. But what if then it is too late and they cannot adapt themselves to the new conditions of life? In such a case, it is better for them to leave the barn and be sown in the field, regardless of what will become of them. It is worse for them to go through the mill. Remember that the barn was made for the wheat, not the wheat for the barn. The earth is a condition in which man can taste the blessings of God, in which he can grow and develop. The earth was created for the rational man who understands the laws of life and can apply them. Externally, the earth seems disorderly and unorganized. He who understands the Laws can discern the wisdom which directs not only the earth but ail the other worlds as well. The sufferings of people proceed from a misunderstanding of the supreme order which exists in the life of the whole. When a child first starts school, he meets great hardships until he begins to understand what he is taught. At least sixteen years are required until the child grows up, becomes a youth and graduates from the university. What discipline that youth must endure! How many teachers he has had and how many times he has spotted his hands with ink and cleaned them! How many books he has bought, how many deprivations, troubles and sufferings he has experienced until he has acquired knowledge! It is an easy thing, after all this, to say that this or that man is an educated man.

    People today expect to receive some kind of blessing on the earth. Whatever blessings they may receive are of no use, for they are all temporary. Why? Because people of today lack the element with which they could preserve everything they acquire. This element will be provided when man receives a spiritual birth. Man must be born again in order to be free from the bad conditions of the present life. The conditions in which he lives today can only bring death. Whatever wealth he may acquire today, he will lose by all means. He shall be robbed by thieves as rich people are robbed today. Since men do not understand these laws, they console themselves with the thought that when they go to the other world, they will be in heaven under positive and favorable conditions. The entrance into heaven under rich conditions is connected to the law of the new birth. Christ said: "Unless a man is born again, he can not enter the Kingdom of God." Only a man born of the Spirit is a master of the circumstances of life. The man born of the Spirit is not influenced by the economic conditions of life. The sick, not the healthy man, needs the help of others. The healthy man needs no outside help. Whatever he needs he can acquire for himself. The healthy man can be compared to the man born of the Spirit.

    Thus life as a Great School points out two ways to man: the path of suffering and the path of the mill. He who chooses the first way will be sown like a grain of wheat in the field where he will pass through a number of trials and sufferings; he who chooses the second way will remain for years in the barn, after which he will be taken to the mill. It is better for one to be sown in the field than to pass through the mill. In the field, one shall have a chance to grow, to blossom and to bear fruit. The majority of people today pass through the mill; consequently they die and disappear without leaving any trace behind them. However, both of these paths have a positive side.

    Through suffering man prepares himself for a life which is higher than the one he is leading today. The wheat which suffers is also instructed by its suffering; those who eat it benefit from its lessons, as well as from the blessings it contains. The people who die today learn something from life and death; the next generation benefits from their experiences, as great acquisitions in life. The important thing is what happens and what man is able to do today. It will not come from the outside. Only the conditions of life exist outside, while life's possibilities are deposited inside man himself. The grain of wheat contains in itself the possibilities for growth, while light, heat, air and water are conditions under which the grain of wheat can manifest its possibilities. Christ said: "If the grain of wheat is sown in the field, it bears fruit a hundred fold."

    People today are afraid of suffering, but whatever they do, they will inevitably go through it. Small or great sufferings follow every man. Such is the way of man. One thing is important: which path will man choose; the path of being sown or that of being ground up. He who prefers the sufferings in the field will grow and bear fruit. He who prefers the sufferings of being ground will pass through the mill without leaving any fruit after passing away. We are trying to save the wheat from going through the mill. It is not written anywhere that the wheat must be ground. Since it is ground, it must be done according to human laws and orders. You must understand both the human and the Divine laws, in order to understand the inner processes of life.

    "Unless a man is born again." Of what must a man be born again? The new birth means a birth of the Spirit. He who is born of the Spirit is a noble man and has a sublime consciousness. The world for him is not dead, neither is man a wolf to man, as the proverb says, "Homo homini lupus." It is important for man to understand the idea given by Christ that man is a brother to man. Only brotherhood is possible for the man born of the Spirit. Brotherhood is an expression of the love of the newborn. Only the newborn realizes what that means. When he sees a man, he sees a brother in his face.

    Therefore, every teaching which makes brotherhood the foundation of human life, is immortal. Such a teaching can be applied as an art of living. Every art is useful insofar as it can be applied. Why do you need to know a foreign language, if you cannot use it to acquire knowledge? Of what use is light, if it cannot reveal the world to you? Man without sight and light remains blind and ignorant. The world is a closed book to the ignorant man. New feelings and abilities are aroused in the man born of the Spirit, such as he himself has not even suspected. He sees things both at a distance and close up. He sees what is taking place in this city as well as in the other city. These things are impossible for the man of an ordinary birth. The man born of God cannot fall into a trap of robbers. He is free from all bad conditions. Why? Because he foresees everything. When he passes through a forest, he knows beforehand where robbers are hiding, and he avoids them. The man born of God has an illuminated mind with which he sees things clearly.

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    Re: The New Birth

    The important thing is what happens and what man is able to do today. It will not come from the outside. Only the conditions of life exist outside, while life's possibilities are deposited inside man himself. The grain of wheat contains in itself the possibilities for growth, while light, heat, air and water are conditions under which the grain of wheat can manifest its possibilities

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