I don't think that Nu-Way Real Estate should be able to keep my 5,000 , I recieved thier package, but it all was too overwhelming for me to understand, and do all that was expected of me. after six months or so, if you don't have everything understood, and a property to present to them, then you might get another small chance. After that, they drop you, and you loose you're 5,000. it seems to me that they got $5,000, for some books, and information, that I wasn't able to use, or fully understand. I didn't know that real estate was that complicated, and takes a great deal of time, and effort. I wasn't able to get any of thier project done, one reason possibly is that I have a large house hold, and not a lot of time that was needed to get any benefits out of the deal. I think I should have got my money back, or at least half of it. I know that the information and the books did not cost them $5,000.