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    Trail Head Options Update..

    Hello...this is a little painful for me to be writing an ill try to explain. First i will update you guys on what i just found out on the news today. As you might have known...the 3 people that were involved in this huge scam were arrested not long ago...they were out on bail..well this morning they fled the area an are on the run basically. The hurtful part about this is that i knew these people. I can't say who i work for but i will say that more than likely the envelopes you people got were delivered to this business by me. Im a delivery driver for an office supply store.
    They always ordered a large amount at a time...they were super nice people an grew fond of me...they thought so highly of me an i was just their delivery driver...me an my wife had a bady and they sent us money for the baby...even invited us over for dinner
    My heart is broken after reading all this..i got so close to them an never new what was goin on..it kills me to see what they have done to people.
    It wasn't building that this stuff was coming from..it was their house..i had been delivering to them for a bout 3 years..they had a small house an then bought a huge place.
    I dont know if they will ever see this post or anything on it...but if they do i hope they contact me some sort of way...i think i deserve an explanation for some things..because i was growing fond of them myself..
    Once again im sorry for everyone that was affected by this scam. It scares me to know that it happened right under my nose and i had no idea it was goin on...
    If anyone has any questions about anything just reply to this post


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    Re: Trail Head Options Update..

    I'm so sorry to hear that you were close to these people. Please don't blame yourself for anything, you are an innocent victim yourself. People who do these things don't see that they are doing anything wrong, in spite of how obvious it is to others.
    Scammers by their nature are good actors and love fooling people and gaining their trust. They know how to make people like them.
    Let me tell you what happened to me this year.
    I had a MINOR problem with my car, something that can be fixed easily. I took it to a mechanic who I believed I could trust. I told him at that time that I was in a financial pinch and I was hoping he could fix the problem for under $100. After I told him this, he told me it was going to be $900 to fix, but he said I could just leave the car there, it would be no problem. (No storage charges- he was doing me a FAVOR!)
    Sometime later, I saw my car being driven on the street very early in the morning (before 8AM) and as I had never asked him to work on the car, and also I had stopped paying for the insurance and it was now illegal to drive the car on the street (no insurance) and I was now AT RISK of being sued if there were an accident, I called the mechanic and asked him why my car was being driven on the street. He said it was just being "test driven" and I could come and get it any time I want. Of course, I had not asked him to work on the car and I didn't have the money. So he said that's OK, he will just KEEP MY CAR and "call it a wash." I knew now that there was no $900 damage to my car, he had swindled me into leaving the car there so he could hit me with $100-a-day storage charges I could never pay, and he knew all along that he would never have to give my car back to me.
    I complained to the Consumer Affairs, but since I didn't get it in writing that he would not charge me $100-a-day storage charges, he was allowed to do that, and he just got a mechanic's lean and took over ownership of my car. Now I know that the problem was something that he probably fixed in 5 minutes, a minor gas leak. That's all that was wrong with my car. If I had taken it to any other shop, I probably would have gotten my car back that day.

    Con artists ALWAYS make you feel good about them. That is part of what they do. They hide their evil intentions. Everyone likes them. They are very social and make friends easily.

    Now, my motto is "trust no one."

    It doesn't mean all businesses are scams, but you have to do your due diligence in checking out any biz opp and you have to know what the "red flags" are before you get involved with anything.

    I am learning from my mistakes, and I hope to be successful in my own ventures and to be able to help others as well. But it takes time, and you have to know how to protect yourself from these people who take advantage of other people's good nature.

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