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    MLM the project from GetawayClub

    Getaway Club it is registered on the British Virdzhinsky Islands (in
    Caribbean basin). The company has managements (representation) in the
    United States Americas, the Great Britain and in Hong Kong. Company
    business started on August, 1st, 2007.
    Company product - a card of a member of the club, giving access to base
    of hotels and air tickets for reduced prices.
    Business the company plan consists of two parts - the basic and bonus:
    1) the Basic system.
    The basic system consists from 4х small matrixes (Bronze, Silver, Gold
    and Platinum), on termination of each of which the company charges
    wages. Each matrix can contain in itself max 7 business places.
    The primary goal is in each matrix to be qualified by two personal.
    So that to receive wages. On the basic system, it is necessary only 2
    The sums on payments are increased:
    On termination of Bronze - 100$
    Silver - 300$
    Gold - 3000$
    Platinum - 17000$
    Input - 200$, from which 190$ - product cost (a card of a member of
    club with e-pass, giving access to discounts in the tourism market) and
    10$ - service charges of your personal site. Payment for the
    introduction is carried out 1 time.
    2) Bonus system.
    The bonus system allows to have the additional income of structure.
    Bonuses pay off to depth of 5th level.
    For each person of 1st line - 5 % from its wages
    For each person of 2nd line - 4 % from its wages
    For each person of 3rd line - 3 % from its wages
    For each person of 4th line - 2 % from its wages
    For each person of 5th line - 1 % from its wages
    Accordingly if your person from the first line has received 17000$ your
    commission fee will make 5 % from this sum, i.e. 750$.
    For reception of bonuses on bonus system, ONE connected is necessary
    Input - 200$, following payment systems are accepted:
    e-Gold, Visa VISA cards, Gateway Wallet.
    The detailed information on the project on a site:
    The reference for registration http://getawayclub.net/Scorpion2007/
    Kontact E-mail: getawayclub87@yahoo.com

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    Re: MLM the project from GetawayClub

    Stupid spammer

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    Re: MLM the project from GetawayClub

    You the silly spamer!!! I money earn also people I involve in the project. I give the chance to people to earn!!!

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    Re: MLM the project from GetawayClub

    spam and/or scam.

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    Re: MLM the project from GetawayClub

    So , your saying, it's a "Corporate Scam"?

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