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Thread: Internet Scams

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    Internet Scams

    I am not sure what's going on lately, but I seem to be getting bombarded with email messages for "job opportunities." There have been quite a few to come across my desk........ I am guessing that they are all scams, but I will let you guys be the judge.

    Here is number 1:
    We are a growing company with a desire to extend the frontiers of our business. The position we offer is a home based for the US citizens ONLY. If you have been looking for a job which allows you to work primary from home via the Internet and you would have no problem devoting at least 30 hours a week to fulfill the responsibilities that this position entails – you are the right person we need.

    If you are reliable and energetic hard worker, if you work well under pressure, extremely well organized professional who is detailed oriented with very strong communicative skills and team member – welcome aboard!

    Vacant position:

    Shipping-Receiving Clerk

    Please fill out the following documents and send to your personnel manager, Brenda Gizz:
    1. Employment Agreement.
    It should be signed, scanned (or faxed) to your personnel manager’s email.
    2. Personal information form
    It should be completed and sent to your personnel manager’s email in MS Word format ONLY
    3. Copy of an I.D.: Passport, Drivers License, Phone bill, or other document that proves your identity
    4. Phone bill or other document that proves your home address.

    All reports, letters, forms, and templates are attached with this email. All information should be filled out and attached to your return email. If you have any problems (cant open, don’t understand how to fill) or questions don’t hesitate to email me.

    Now, let’s take a moment, and I will introduce you to your new job.

    Your daily duties will include:
    • Assign and coordinate shipments with transportation companies
    • You would be responsible for domestic and international shipping paperwork
    • Possess the capability to obtain the most cost-effective shipping prices & negotiate with outside carriers to maximize efficiency while minimizing costs
    • Execute timely paperwork
    • Ability to lift packages up to 20-45lbs
    • Must be familiar with UPS/FEDEX on the computer
    • Check your email several times a day
    • Verify invoices, input payables, bank deposits

    We pay from $70 per received box, each 30 days. How much can your earn a month? It’s up to you. It could be $2000 or even $5000. Usually we send 3-5 packages per week during the test (probationary) period. (Each candidate should pass the trial period – 1 month). Than we rise the amount till 2-3 packages/day.

    The position enjoys competitive salary, excellent benefits with 401(k) retirement plan, expense reimbursement, bonuses, as well as unlimited potential for advancement. Potential to earn more $$ after 30 day probation.

    Expense reimbursement
    24.Cargo covers all shipping expenses that you might have, including gas, additional packaging, etc. To get the reimbursement you have to provide your personnel manager with the scanned copy of the gas bills/bus tickets etc. Please note! We cover no more than $100 per month.

    24.Cargo pays bonuses once a month if you accurately and completely fulfill all of your duties

    All packages will be delivered to your home/work address. All paperwork should be completed the same day. All packages should be transferred according to your personnel manager’s instructions.

    Thank you again for your interest in our offer. I hope I answered all the questions you could ask and explained all the details. If you have any additional questions, please check the FAQ. Would like to discuss your salary? Don’t hesitate to email me. I hope you join our community soon.

    Brenda Gizz
    Personnel manager

    Now, for this one, to me it seems as though they are just trying to get all your confidential information (drivers license, dob, ss number, etc). Identity theft anyone?

    And here is number 2:
    [I]We are a company based in Russian Federation, Moscow. We are specialized in
    selling electronics such as laptops, plasma tv's, cell phones e.t.c.
    We are in business since 2001 year. We have already about 10000 customers
    from all over the World.

    The aim of the job is:

    Ebay Sales and financial manager (Electronics)

    You will list 2 - 15 products per week for one - seven day listing duration.
    All HTML description files, pictures e.t.c. we will provide you.
    It will be very appreciate if you know HTML for yourself and you can made
    your own descriptions with our HTML examples e.t.c.
    After buyer will purchase the product you will accept payment via Money
    Orders, Bank Wire transfer or PayPal from him (her) and after the payment
    cleared and received by you, you will send money via Western Union to one of
    our financial managers.

    For this vacancy we have made an opportunity to earn more money. You need to
    sell each 6 products per week, from all other sales you will get 10%
    comission from the price.
    Please be sure, that you can list as many products as you want.
    Please be sure, that you can sell products on other website or auctions
    Please be sure that we pay salary using Western Union.


    1) Ebay account
    2) Bank account
    3) E-mail
    4) MSN I.D.
    5) Tel.no
    6) English language all other languages optional.
    7) You should know a bit about HTML and what is it HTML.

    Company bonus:

    800$ - 6 or more sales
    1600$ - 15 or more sales
    3200$ - 30 or more sales
    5000$ - 60 or more sales

    It will be very appreciated if you have:

    1) Merchant Account to accept Credit Cards
    2) Can list on any other popular auctions
    3) Have your own database of customers who often buy Electronics.
    4) Familiar with all sale proccess over the Internet.

    If you have these features or any other features tell us a few words about
    yourself e.t.c.

    Month salary is fixed. No matter on sales. But such requirement as to be
    online, to list products, daily contact your personal manager and do his (her)
    instructions are required.
    Month salary 3000$ (USD) + company bonus + Ebay fees + sales percents.

    Please contact us via MSN messenger: [email protected]
    All questions please ask only via MSN messenger

    If you don't know how to setup MSN messenger, please go to www.msn.com

    We are waiting for your reply, if you will have futher questions.

    Eldorado Inc.
    Employeement Department
    Website: www.eldorado.ru
    Tel.no.: +1 (213) 674-8585
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Now for this one, it was explained to me as follows:
    you will be listing items on ebay, collecting the money, then sending the money via Western Union to Russia. Once these people receive the money, they will turn around and ship the item to the buyer. Which is where the red flag comes up.

    Who is to say that once the funds are sent via WesternUnion, they don't just take off with the money, and leave me with a buyer who has sent money to me that I have forwarded along to them? Technically, if that were to occur, they just made free money, and I am stuck either purchasing the item myself to send to the buyer, or refunding money back to the buyer that I don't even have (since it would've already been passed along to you). Does that seem about accurate?

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    Re: Internet Scams

    It's real simple...

    This is a bonafide, 100% scam to get your personal information, etc.

    Many, many, many of these similar emails have been going through the internet for years.


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    Re: Internet Scams

    Both are different versions of payment processing scams

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    Re: Internet Scams

    Simply mark them off as junk/spam and delete.
    Dont waste any more time on them.

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