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Thread: Cathoids

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    Just after 911 the clergy child sex abuse scandal emerged as significant enough in numbers and "salaciousness" as quoted by senior globe editor, to be utilized by the media outlets to try and sell soap.
    Bush went to boston and directed that no federal investigation will take place because "people need their religeon in the wake of 911" and his friend then cardinal law was in trouble for hiding and selling sick rapists as viable clerics while fully knowing they were serial child rapists. (by court records and his personal calender also sopenaed)

    The local overwhelmigly cathoid politicos hemmed and hawed until they were drowned out by large numbers of victims and credible numbers gathered that have implicated over 5,000 preists in the us alone as pedophiles, see bishopaccountability.org

    Law was forced to resign and fled to the vatican most in boston recognize (no vatican/us extradtion treaty btw)
    Anyway, the fact that the church itself did its own investigations beyond the cursory ones done localy by a very catholic power base in law enforcement, politics and business community, still show the cover up which was standard practice decades before they were caught enabling the estimated half million victims over just three generations.

    A close look at this organisation enlightens one as to the crimes beyond child rape going back since and including the crusades. But generaly even today their affiliation with organised crime, the mafia, is minimised or shrugged off as sort of cute or meaningless.
    The sex industry has long been dominated by the mafia, look into it in any us city and that is who you find ultimatley running the prostitution, porn et all. Interestingly....
    The documents opened by court order during the cases of child rape by clergy in 2002 indicated a pattern by groups of clergy to "scare their brethren" by joining cults who feigned by pagentry and perversion, satanic obedience. This in stark contrast to their cathoid fears of the devil as an entity virtualy froze out ant intrusion by the heirarcy in the church. They were also shown in records to have shared information among themselves as to who and what and where with regard to vulnerable situations. With these groups in play, concerted efforts were designed to take advantage of their possition whether it be in confession or as a confidant in a broken family; ultimatley to provide information about the vulnerable to players within the mafias sex industry. It seems beyond belief yet so was the serial rape of kids by thousands of catholic priests five years ago.

    In these past 5 years they have done a fine job of covering up by failing to be clear and honest, denying any outside interference with their self investigation. If you look honestly today you see as I do it is clear that the cult or scam of catholisism is doing as it always has since it's inception, wearing a lambskin and being a wolf.
    Hiding in plain sight in the daylight perpetarting crimes on the ignorant. It is however the information age and most people recognize these truths. Doing anything to disempower this scam seems insurmountable however.
    But search and sign a petition to investigate the bishops for crimes of child endangermant at truthseekers.org I think it is, or a link at bishopaccountabilty.org

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    Re: Cathoids

    "Cathoid"? Can I say raghead, sand nigger, or dune coon and also get a pass on rabid hatred of a religion or race? Didn't think so.
    "I am not afraid." Joan of Arc

    "...victory at all cost, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival." Sir Winston Churchill

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    Re: Cathoids

    theres lots of cathoids where i study, they all hang out in room ma41

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