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    info about vitrual profit or income4beginners

    anyone know about vitrual profit or income4beginners
    any information please tried of getting scam but need to work on line any information is apperciated

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    Re: info about vitrual profit or income4beginners


    income4beginners is an illegal pyramid.

    virtualprofit.net is a HYIP ponzi.

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    Re: info about vitrual profit or income4beginners

    Paypal may close your account for income4beginners

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    Re: info about vitrual profit or income4beginners

    Definitely a piece of crap. I see alot of ppl promoting it in other forums.
    Took a short read and instantly threw it away.

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    Re: info about vitrual profit or income4beginners

    Wow! Really?? Only within the past year have I tried doing home business opportunities and time and time again, I've been scammed (i.e., Mate jewellery, and pretty much anything from the Canadian Home Job Review among other things). I was just about ready to give up when my friend started telling me she was making a crap load of money with income4beginners.

    After a year of being scammed, I barely even looked at the site when I dismissed it as garbage. But my friend kept telling me that she was actually making decent cash, so I figured I'd make this my last attempt at online home businesses, because after a year of trials and tribulations, I figured there is really no such thing. I got the free e book, read the information and decided to participate by paying the $40.00 and it's worked for me better than I thought it would.

    Maybe it depends on when you join up to the site, because I suppose the more people who are promoting it, the less chance you'll have in attracting others to the product since it's already out there. I made over $250 my first week and now I'm almost one month into it and its still working good for me. I think the key with [URL="http://www.income4beginners.com/[/URL] is as long as you take advantage of the marketing and advertising tools that they provide for you, you'll be fine.

    Again, that's just my experience with it, and after a year of coming up with nothing, this has been a godsend for me!.

    So, here comes the shamless self-promoting, but if you wanna check it out and read the e book that describes the program for yourself, goto http://www.income4beginners.com/i

    Good Luck with it, I hope it works as well for you as it has been for me :)

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