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Thread: Castle Windows

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    Castle Windows

    I contracted to have Gold Series Castle Windows installed in my home in TN which I was told by the Company President were Energy Star Compliant and contained low E glass.

    When the windows were installed, the installers damaged my granite kitchen countertop and poorly installed one of the windows (which required them to return for re-installation). They have never addressed the damage to my countertop and have ignored my request for their insurance information.

    I needed proof of energy star compliance for my taxes and I repeatedly asked Castle Windows for this. Ultimately, they sent an energy star sticker but I felt that would not suffice. After I demanded a letter stating the windows were energy star compliant, Castle Windows stopped talking to me.

    I filed a BBB complaint, and Castle Windows then acknowledged the Windows were in fact not energy star compliant and did not contain low e glass. They went on to claim that my contract did not include energy star compliant windows even though my contract states "Gold Series Windows" (and I have written proof from a Castle Windows rep that Gold Series Windows are supposed to have low e glass and be energy star compliant), the president of the company assured me prior to installation that the windows had these specs, and they even sent me an energy star logo after the installation.

    Since the installation of the windows, my utility bills have not decreased--they have increased.

    Now, after contacting the Board of Contractor's, I have found out that Castle Windows is not even licensed as a contractor or a home improvement company in my county which the board representative I spoke to said was required in my area. I have now filed a complaint with the state for unlicensed activity.

    At the end of the day, my home was damaged, I received lesser windows than I was supposed to, and Castle Windows has been nothing but elusive in this matter. Based on my experience, I could never recommend this company.

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    Re: Castle Windows

    After continuing my complaint with the BBB, Castle Windows has now provided a copy of a license. I guess the state didn't find it because it was listed under "SOUTHERN ESTATE SERVICES, INC. DBA CASTLE WINDOWS". They still refuse to resolve my other claims. At least I now have the information to file a complaint against their license.

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