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    Has anyone heard of HOME ACCESS, USA?

    I recently saw an advertisement on Craig's List for assumable mortgages and forclosed home purchases from an unknown company/individual. The ad says that you can take over payments and have the title transfered into your name with NO MONEY DOWN and NO CREDIT CHECK.


    I called them to get the general information. Apaprently, you have to give them $198 just to view the website. Upon further investigation, I found that they are listed as a work-at-home business and there is no guarantee that you will find a property available. They currently have 77 complaints logged against them with the Better Business Bureau. This is the link: http://www.labbb.org/BBBWeb/Forms/Bu...nyID=100053063

    Has anyone here had any positive or negative dealings with this company?
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    Re: Has anyone heard of HOME ACCESS, USA?

    I am so glad i found this. I was on craigs list and saw the same thing. I called them and thankfully i didn't sign up for it then. I looked it up on line first. BUt yes SCAM!!!!!

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    Re: Has anyone heard of HOME ACCESS, USA?

    NEVER pay in advance for something like this.

    Rationally, having to pay someone who isn't an attorney and claims they can intervene on your behalf if you pay them is utter nonsense.

    The Honorable Judge Roy Bean

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