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    Hi, I just happened upon this website that claims I can get over 2,000 satellite TV channels for free - for a $49.95 hook-up charge. Too good to be true?

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    Re: secretsatellite.com

    Quote Originally Posted by greyhoundgirl
    Too good to be true?
    Yes. Yes. Yes.

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    Re: secretsatellite.com

    No way, sounds totaly serious and plausable. You get every TV channel in the ENTIRE world, from a small company in sheboygan nowhere and it only costs $49.99 a month....

    All the while major mega-billion dollar telecommunication firms can barely get me 200 channels for $100 bucks a month.

    Let me think about this - oh yea, they are either total liars, or giving you FRAUDULENT internet feeds that they have NO rights to.

    Either way....:whip::grrr::whip::grrr:

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