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    California Surfin Guest

    Anyone familiar with Sandra Gant / Jackie Marlin?

    Both of these "fine outstanding folks" ran a scam called Easyway International back in the 90s and both have "resurfaced" as "players" with PHTN

    I know Marlin has been fined 2 times by the Govt in previous scams and Gant bilked thousands out of money with her Ponzi game called THE NETWORK in 2006

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    Nov 2007

    Re: Anyone familiar with Sandra Gant / Jackie Marl

    Marlin fined:

    Once with EasyWay International

    Looks she paid fines totaling roughly $130,000

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    Re: Anyone familiar with Sandra Gant / Jackie Marl

    Funny guy... here you are again Bromell, talking to yourself again.

    I found this to be an interesting read.

    Just goes to show what a stupid person Mike Bromell is
    Have you ever heard of an IP address you boozer?
    It tells people exactly what city a person lives in. In Most cases.
    IN YOUR case:

    You are using Road Runner
    Round Rock Texas

    For the record: Decent companies, like Pure Health Trends Network, don’t allow forum troublemakers in their company. Mike Bromell was told he was not allowed to Join PHTN. What thriving company would EVER associate with such hate and negativity? Companies that have associated with him, once they find out who he is they LITERALLY no longer want anything to do with him PERIOD!

    Mike was also FIRED from a national media company Smart Age Media for his drunken rants on their clients.

    I should know, I was JUST ONE of their clients that sent them some of the DISGUSTING and HEINOUS messages he left on my voicemail.

    Some companies won't even let him join, no loss to them, he's never been successful in network marketing anyway PERIOD!
    Companies that won't let him join that we know of:

    Pure Health Trends Network
    Ames Health Sciences
    Liberty League International
    Coastal Vacations
    Synergy Worldwide
    Legacy International
    ITV Ventures
    EDC Gold
    Advantage Conferences

    He's been sniffing around several ladies in the network marketing industry that want nothing to do with him.

    When he finds out about the companies they represent, he starts bashing them in the forums trying to hurt them and the companies they represent.


    Forum aliases that we know of
    AKA Bfavre
    AKA California Surfin
    AKA Long Time Austinite
    AKA Doc B
    AKA BigSteelersFan
    AKA HugeYankeesFan

    I had never seen a person curse, and use the
    FOULEST of language on a forum until this idiot!

    Funny how mike bromell is the pot calling the kettle black.
    Wonder why he thinks people wouldn't find out he was the VP of the Network.
    the VERY SAME “The Network” he bashes here.

    Oh and sorta interesting: This kooks sister owned one of the surfs in "The Network"

    NOW what that means is SANDRA never even owned ONE of the surfs. She protected you, you slimy little nutball and SHE took the fall for YOU and your FAMILY and your FRIENDS. It's all going to come out. Every bit of "The Network" activity will be exposed. You'll be very sorry you ever said a word. ROFLOL, what WERE you thinking? You think you have friends here? Just wait until they are exposed because of you.

    You have no credibility here. Or, anywhere.
    so it seems

    He can't even get along with people at home

    Just how drunk does a person have to be to post this.

    This one is so funny it still brings tears to my eyes.
    It's like the Bromell Hate Club. But what's even funnier is he is John M. That's when he lived in Round Rock, then moved to Austin, and back to Round Rock again.

    This one is funny because now he's calling himself a Marketing Manager.
    Anyone who ever bought leads from him knew he was only one of the
    sales reps there. Oh but wait a minute, AMS is the MLM company
    that TERMINATED Bromell. For harrassing their distributors AND the
    management group at AMS.

    Ok so in this one. He's promoting the trainer for Smart Age Media.
    YET, this is the same person he, just a few months later, TRIED to discredit
    on Scam.com. Also left terrible messages on this guys answering machine
    at home.

    And more on the Trainer

    Oh yeah here's another MLM Company he was terminated from.
    Until you Brommel, I'd never known a person to be terminated from an MLM company

    Yet what's this funny little scam you're doing now?

    Here he is making friends again. Bromell's way of getting people to join HIS mlm is to bash others

    A stalker?
    Points here. Bromell nics here are Long Time Austinite, California Surfin. We are glad you like yourself enough to talk to yourself publicly

    Stalking again

    He is Doc B in this one

    Oh here's a nice recording of the drunkard

    Maybe we should tell his daddy

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    California Surfin Guest

    Re: Anyone familiar with Sandra Gant / Jackie Marl

    Too funny ... check out the latest on Marlin / Gant:


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    California Surfin Guest

    Sandra Gant's Scam ... Pure Health Trends Network

    Update since 1/3:

    Over 120 reps have dropped out!!

    You can guess why !!!

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    California Surfin Guest

    Those scamed by Sandra Gant last year ...

    Monkee girl that stole $$ from my bank account ... need pictures
    of what her ass looks like?

    Ya need em ??

    I got em ...

    "Sandi" baby .... Hubby will love ya "all over me" in Sanibel !!!

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    California Surfin Guest

    Wow ... those scammed by Sandra Gant in 2006 ..LOL

    I do recall when she was at my folks place in 2006 ...

    Miss Gant "did her own thing"

    Sandi ... how are things going !!!


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    California Surfin Guest

    All of The "Testimoals" with Sandra Gants scam ...

    Check em out!!!

    None of them belong!!

    How unusual kiddies .... Gant/ Humphries and "Coach" Robb are
    doing what they do best:


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    California Surfin Guest

    The Truth with Smart Age Media/Sandra Gant,etc

    Wow ...

    I see tonite from 7 emails I got ...

    Sandra Gant has climbed back into bed with Robb West ... sorry ...
    "Coach" Robb who shanked folks financially @ IGI on Media buys ..

    Great pair!!! Gant screwed hundreds with THE NETWORK in 2006 to the tune where she had to book to Winchester, TN and reopen her scam setup skills with Carl Humphries and Jackie Marlin from the EASYWAY INTERNATIONAL scam days in the 90s

    This story gets better and better .... West was in bed with long time MLM scam Queen Jeannie Basso during his IGI days ... he had to borrow $600 from Sandra Gant after "claiming to be a millionaire" many times over and now are all in bed with Carl Humphries out of Odessa of "Vision Media Fameless" who claimed to make 30k per month because of Marlin ....

    LOL !!!

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    California Surfin Guest

    Re: The Truth with Smart Age Media/Sandra Gant,etc

    Such a CLEAN CUT OPERATION that they cant name who the parent company is with Pure Health Trends Network:



    DO your homework !!! Gant/ Humphries/West are HUGE MLM
    SCAMMERS who define how bad this Industry is !!

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    California Surfin Guest

    Comm checks bouncing at Pure Health Trends Network


    Kid today who bought Carl Humphries "pitch" ... $440 check due and this kid was "hoping" to pay rent .... guess what??

    NO GOOD!!!

    My god .... Carl Humphries: You are engaged to the other "Leader" Sandra Gant and still scamming folks ??

    SPREAD THE WORD .... SCAM !!!!

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    California Surfin Guest

    "Coach" Robb Surface and Pure Health Trends Ntwk

    We were all told by Sandra Gant that West a was "millionare many times over" on the Thursday nite Smart Age Media trainning training calls ...


    * West had to borrow $600 from Sandra Gant to hold his spot
    in the IGI scam

    * West ... such a "great coach" booked and left associates who
    were expecting his "expertise" during IGI and crawled over the creek with LLI snakes Jeanne Basso while folks had paid for $$$ for Media buys on a Radio Co-Op buy gig I had to fill in with Gant

    Robbie ... your "expertise"??? ...Easy to see why you are back in the sack with Sandra Gant:


    * West crawled into bed at the I

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    California Surfin Guest

    The Fearsome "3Some" ... Pass along to all !!!

    Pure Health trends Network
    4315 Esmond Dr. #2203
    Odessa, Texas 79762


    Web Address:

    Organization Type:
    Privately Held

    Primary Industry:
    Healthcare > Nutrition

    Management Team:
    Jackie Marlin - master distributor team
    Carl Humphrey - master distributor team
    Sandra Gant - master distributor team
    master distributor team - master distributor team

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    California Surfin Guest

    Re: The Fearsome "3Some" ... Pass along to all !!!

    Go do thy homework:

    Marlin and Gant --- type in Google:

    Marlin - EASYWAY INTERNATIONAL (Parent company they dont dare mention on this gig) // ALSO THE FTC CEASE/DESIST ORDER FOR $90,000

    Gant - SANDRA GANT /// "THE NETWORK" in 2006

    Humprhies - involved with EASYWAY and long time "friend" of Gant

    Last edited by California Surfin; 01-19-2008 at 04:01 PM.

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    California Surfin Guest

    Comm checks @ Pure Health Trends Network ...

    LOL !!!

    One after another the rats are running after this ship ...

    Ghees ... no kidding???

    Sandra Gant, Jackie Marlin, Carl Humprhies and "Coach" Robb West all together and a scam wont follow???

    One guy told me this afternoon: $30 commission check and it bounced !!!

    "Sandi" and "Coach" Robb ... LOL !!!

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    Re: Comm checks @ Pure Health Trends Network ...

    Is that a infomercial company?

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