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    DALAI LAMA : I Saw Him Last Week ! No Tyrant Here.

    DALAI LAMA : I Saw Him Last Week ! No Tyrant Here.....Spirituality IS REAL !


    I saw His Holiness the 14 th Dalai Lama of Tibet last week, at Indiana University in Bloomington.

    One morning ( Friday ) teaching session is all I could arrange to attend, plus one Tibetan Cultural evening event, but it was all worth it !
    As a child, I remember seeing and hearing about him on TV. Even though I was cultish Fundamentalist Christian back in those days, he always seemed to make a lot of sense to me in his words. And twice in recent years I missed seeing him in the midwest, so I just HAD TO get serious this time.....

    In person he comes across differently than on TV- in person, more authoritative, more responsible, more scholarly- on TV more jovial and continually affirming ' peace '- probably just the editing by the empty- headed US media.

    He appears to delegate quite a lot, which has caused some problems here and there from irresponsible subordinates, but he himself seems to be doing the best he can in a sometimes impossible situation-

    I view the Chinese overrunning Tibet as similar to the Euro- Americans conquering Native Americans. Indigenous Cultural Life is rendered nearly impossible in those situations.

    The selection of the next Dalai Lama, the 15 th, must be led by the Panchen Lama, but the boy Panchen Lama and his family were abducted by the Chinese authorities as soon as he was selected about 10 years ago.....the Chinese are seeking to disrupt and destroy the operation of the office of the Lama, to wipe out all Lamaism of Tibet, ' setting Tibetans FREE '- but nobody bothered to poll the Tibetan people on the issue, nor did the Chinese ask the International Community about it. Their invasion seeking more ' living- room ' for the racial Chinese merely introduced WESTERN forms of corruption the same way the West corrupted China in the first place- Tibet has alcohol and drug abuse and prostitution, as well as a highly vulnerable and dependent empty- trinket economy, which things it never had before- signs not of a free culture but of a now oppressed chaotic uprooted lost culture. JUST ASK ANY NATIVE AMERICAN and they will explain what I mean by that.

    Realize that even an American Leftist Leader COULD become a Tyrant were he or she to lack a firm Personal Spiritual Foundation- look at Mao- he despised ' Religion' - yet he knew absolutely NOTHING ABOUT Spirituality- and demonstrated thus in his life and leadership. Dalai Lama and Mao form opposite poles.

    The present Military Government of Burma/ Myanmar has been violently persecuting the country's Buddhist Monks- some among the Monks are quoted as saying that this is because the Military Leaders HAVE NO BELIEF- no Spiritual Foundation- and undoubtedly pride themselves on just that point of un- belief as being a point of ' strength '- just like Mao did.

    Dennis Kucinich is revealed recently by Shirley MacLaine as admitting to witnessing a UFO incident.

    Presidential candidate Bill Richardson says, that if elected President, he will force the government to reveal the documents about the 1947 UFO crash that took place in Roswell, New Mexico.

    And, even NASA has finally agreed to search its archives for documents pertaining to a UFO incident that occurred in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania in 1965, due to a settlement in a Federal lawsuit filed by Leslie Kean.

    Foolish human abuses of and denials of Spirituality DO NOT DO AWAY WITH Spirit.

    Kevin Puppos

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    Re: DALAI LAMA : I Saw Him Last Week ! No Tyrant H

    Really spiritual religions are different from the bad ones that they do not make selfish humans feel so special only because they own a human body.
    More on www.geocities.com/weareapes
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