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Thread: AmeriPlan

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    Has anyone heard of the Bloom brothers selling the company?

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    Re: AmeriPlan

    Ive heard from two SNSD'S with the company. From what I understand Mark Jarvis has been in negotiations for quite some time with the brothers now. Maybe he can save that company from going under......

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    Re: AmeriPlan

    split opinions ...

    Half the reps hate Jarvis and the other half adore him

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    Re: AmeriPlan

    Jarvis is buying out the bros?

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    Re: AmeriPlan

    I had been looking at Ameriplan. Decided the comp plan favors people like Jarvis, but is tough for the average person to make more than $100 a month.

    Still this news surprises me.
    It is in danger of going under ?
    Can anybody tell me why?



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