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    Beware Calisto and Tim Fisher? JOBS

    having access to these email addresses and probably controls these sites. They look very legit!
    Based on his time stamp, the scammer is based somewhere in the Central European time Zone, probably in Africa!
    Also using these emails Infos and other ID's
    "Tim Fisher"

    Main Address:
    601 Salisbury Park Drive
    Bowmansville, New York

    Tel: +1 8773497033 (VOICE/FAX)
    Fax: +1 8773497033 (FAX)

    Administration: admin@calisto-trading.net
    Support: support@calisto-trading.net
    Job: job@calisto-trading.net or
    Webmaster: webmaster@calisto-trading.net

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    Re: Beware Calisto and Tim Fisher? JOBS

    Here is a copy of an email I received from this company the email address it was sent from was:

    Tim Fisher

    It appears they got my info off of monster.com...

    Thank you for being interested in open vacancy.

    If you decide contact me, please use the following e-mail address: job@calisto-trading.net

    Firstly I have to tell you, that it is not a job where you need to invest your own money to start working.

    One of the main targets of Calisto Trading Inc. corporate strategy is to become one of the biggest companies on the corporate market of online trade by providing internet users through universal and flexible payment instrument for products and services which are available for sale in the internet. The main objective of Calisto Trading Inc. is to provide the most strict security level without complicating the usability to wide public.

    We are happy to see you on the position of the Independent Agent. You don't need to have any complicated and particular knowledge, huge amount of time or effort and as is written above you are not required to make any investments.

    Job Requirements:

    - you have to be eighteen (18) years old or older
    - bank account, (Business bank preferred)
    - internet access and a valid phone number where we can reach you at any time

    At this position we want to see competent and responsible person who will search for the best ways to fastest and perfect implementation of current task, who can be permanently available for contact during working hours, and can follow instructions.

    For last three months of the current year is detected the record economic growth in every department of Calisto Trading Inc. It is result of excellent and active work of our members of the staff. As we can see in statistical reports, 98 of our financial managers who worked for less than three months are completely satisfied with work condition and salaries, and they want to pass the further training to improve skills and advance in their careers.

    Calisto Trading Inc. is trying to constantly seize the control on the maximum part of the financial services market. Now you can make the first steps to your perspective career today!

    Every employee who occupies the Independent Agent position receives a social package which is available after successful test period. It consists of:

    - Stock options
    - Child-care subsidies
    - Flex-time
    - Business casual attire
    - Educational assistance and professional development programs

    Also our employee can enjoy such advantages as:

    -long term credit up to 8 years
    -training on the improvement of professional skill in the international
    -participation in corporate bonus programs
    - Wonderful opportunities for career growth

    Your future job is fully described here: http://www.calisto-trading.com/e/index.php?page=r_98

    The official internet site is here: http://www.calisto-trading.com/e/index.php?page=r_1

    If you come up to our expectations we can open our branch in your city with you at the leading position in this department. It only depends on you if you want to live your life with respect and money or not.

    The roots of Calisto Trading Inc. success are located in flexible and individual approach to every client and corporative model of mass standard services.

    Transactions of our clients can be safe because of high protection of their funds and we are trying to provide them the perfect service while completing online transactions.

    If you want to try yourself on this vacancy, please reply to this e-mail and you'll receive an answer with all necessary instructions.

    If you have any questions mail to job@calisto-trading.net

    We really hope you'll be interested in the Calisto Trading Inc. team as soon as you can!


    Tim Fisher
    Calisto Trading Inc.
    Department of Employment

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    Re: Beware Calisto and Tim Fisher? JOBS

    I received an email as well.

    My name is Robert Watkins. I am a financial manager in a large
    worldwide company
    financial and transaction services.
    We are happy to offer you a job in our company. The job consists of
    incoming payments from our clients. We are looking for honest and
    representatives in the regions.
    Why you?
    We receive payments from our customers through bank transfers. By
    hiring you as
    our transaction manager, we are saving a lot of time. You will take
    care of our
    customers payments.
    How much will you work?
    You will work for 1-2 hours per week. After some time we would offer
    you a
    full-time position in one of our offices.
    How much will you earn?
    Representatives of our company receive salary depending on their
    efforts. We
    guarantee a minimum of 2000 USD per month, with a chance to increase
    your salary
    up to 5500+ USD per month depending on your skills.
    If you are interested in our proposition, we can start working within
    48 hours.
    Please fill the following form, and send it to:

    Full name:
    Country of residence:
    Contact phone:
    Preferred call time:
    Hoping to hear from you soon.
    Best wishes,

    601 Salisbury Park Drive
    Bowmansville, New York, USA
    Phone: +1 8773497033
    Robert Watkins

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    Re: Beware Calisto and Tim Fisher? JOBS

    I received an email too:


    I am the Chief Manager of Department of employment in Calisto Trading Inc.

    I saw your resume at workingin-australia.com and I found you as a reallyprofessional person.

    Our company is well-known not only in the USA, but also in all world!We deals mainly with financial services like escrow services for buyers and sellers on online auctions around the globe, offered both on closed commercial auctions (stock sales, business sales etc.) where the number of buyers is not large and on ebay.com, amazon.com, yahoo.com - well-known public online auctions.

    You see, the scheduleíll be free, as you want Ė you can work, when you want Ėabout 1-2 hours.

    Youíll sit at home and work in the WWW.

    You must have only Internet and e-mail. There's no entrance or any other fees. The company covers all the fees related to this employment.

    At first, you should hold a trial period (1 month starting from the beginning of work). This is the period when you will be training, receiving online support while working and being paid. The evaluationof employees on a trial period is usually at least one week prior to the end of their trial period. During the trial period, the supervisor can recommend termination.

    You wage for the trial period is about $1,500 per month. From every paymentreceived from a client you can get about 8-11% commission. Your total income, with the current volume of clients, will be added up to $3,000 per month. Your base salary, after trial period, will go up to $2,000 per month, plus 8-11% commission!

    We think, that youíll interest in this part-time job and would like to learnmore about this position. Thatís why, we propose you to send us filled form to our e-mail:Jd.dep.calisto.inv@gmail.comThen weíll contact you in 48 hours.

    First name:______________________________
    Last name:______________________________
    Country of residence:______________________
    Contact phone:____________________________
    Preferred call time:_________________________

    Thank You,
    Calisto Trading Inc.
    Department of Employment
    Tim Fisher

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    Re: Beware Calisto and Tim Fisher? JOBS

    i got the sam kind of e-mail. and by chking litle abt them , i come to know that they are russians. after routing the site it shows the location in russia.
    and if some one recive any e-mail like that just search a bit before replying them or givin them details.

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    Re: Beware Calisto and Tim Fisher? JOBS

    ****************************SCAM ALERT*******************************
    Calisto Trading Company is a HUGE scam!! I got an email from this company promising to get paid $1500 a month pulse 8% commission for every cash transaction that I would do. This company boasts itself to be a company that does depository services and brokerage services. They even go as far as to say they help with legal issues. When you first look at the website you may think that the company in a legitimate website but its sooo NOT!!! http://www.calisto-trading.com/e/index.php?page=r_14
    They look very clean and polished on the outside but they ARE NOT AT ALL!!!

    For giggles and smiles I decided that I would go ahead and give them a try. Considering that I do have more than one bank account and I donít keep much in one of them I decided to try it out. I did two transactions that went to some place in Moldova (some small country in Europe). They sent me two transactions over the past two weeks; One for $4490 and the other for $4954.48. My commission was to be 8% and out of my commission I had to pay the Western Union fee of 3%. So after the Western Union fee had been paid for the first transaction, I received $184.4 and the second transaction, I received $214.16. On the second transaction I felt like something just didnít feel right about this so I thought this Friday when they send the third transaction I would just not do it anymore. I had never heard of the illegal implications of this type of thing but It just didnít feel right to me so I went to the bank this morning to check my bank account that I donít keep money in only to find out that and they had taken the last $14.65 that was left in that account and caused me to receive an over draft fee of $25. The moment I realized that they attempted to try to take the full $10000 out of my bank account because the bank told me what the amount was, I closed the account and paid off the overdraft fee that I had received because; Itís a good thing that I donít keep a lot of money in that account because I would have been taken for every penny and maybe even more. Needless to say, I ended up being one of the lucky ones because my husband thought I should have kept the first transaction. Seeing that Iím a pretty honest person I just went along for the ride only to find out that they were nothing like what they appeared to be. The cool thing about this entire experience is that I ended up being the one on top because if you think about it they were only able to take $14.65 from my account when I was paid $398.56 - $14.65 -$25 overdraft fee = $358.91. Not too bad for a scam. Suckers!!! ON AN END NOTE, WHAT EVER YOU DO DONíT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE A HUGE SCAM!!!!!!!!!!! :sunglasses:
    ********************************SCAM ALERT***************************

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