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    GetPaidSignups.com Anyone know them?

    Hi all:

    Unfortunately I was scammed NOT by getpaidsignups, but I have some questions about them.

    I was scammed by a website service at www.smllc.tv for the amount of $230 and they did not deliver either any paid signups, and they have not refunded me either. I have reported it to the authorities, and am waiting for an answer from them.

    After my bad experience with smllc.tv I found a link somewhere to this new one as mentioned above at getpaidsignups and I tried to get information from them, and they say that they are honest, but they also said, and I quote: "I myself had dealings with Lisa Foster" who is from smllc.tv the company that scammed me.

    After saying this, it was clarified as 'doing research' or something like that, and of course that might be true.

    So at this point, I have no idea at all about getpaidsignups and they may very well be a great company and very reliable, and totally honest. I do not know at all. This is what they say about themselves.

    So has anyone heard of getpaidsignups and is it a good experience or a bad one?

    After losing $230 to smllc.tv, I am skeptical about using these people, and I just want to research them first before spending any money.

    Of course, if they are good, then say so, and put it up here, and then it will be great advertising for them.

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    Re: GetPaidSignups.com Anyone know them?

    Question about "guaranteed signups" in general: I imagine the company gets its leads from PTR/PTC/PTG sites, but how does the company TRACK how many signups one of its clients gets? I don't see how such a venture could legitimately make money.

    But aside from that... This site looks icky to me too: ugly, poorly edited, and an infringement lawsuit waiting to happen. The Terms and Condition (sic) state that NO refunds are given and that "chargebacks will be prosecuted to the fullest". (They can't afford a decent website, but by god they can afford a lawyer. :clown:) I wouldn't do business with 'em unless you DO like lawyers.

    FTR, I don't know much about Internet marketing other than what I've read on here. I do wonder if you're barking up the wrong tree, though.
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    Re: GetPaidSignups.com Anyone know them?

    I signed up with them beginning of November. I already have some pre-signups and the correspondence with them is good. Whenever I have a question or a change they reply promptly.
    I have been scammed many times before. Last time i tried Superior Marketing LLC and they wanted a Western Union Payment. Unfortunately I sent it and lost over $400. So I tried getpaidsignups and they have a legit payment option.
    I am happy so far. I will post another message when I got the signups.
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    Re: GetPaidSignups.com Anyone know them?

    It's been almost two months. Any results? I'm currently using another site to this and have yielded no results yet.

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