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Thread: Gibline ?

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    Gibline ?

    Is Gibline a SCAM?
    Please comment .

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    Re: Gibline ?

    Verymuch so, I'm afraid. All puffery, no kernal of truth behind their claim of being legal that we can see.

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    Re: Gibline ?

    The Gibline payplan or commission model can be classed as a modified doubler or cycler , or in other words a ponzi.

    They even admit themselves ,that it was modeled around another similar pay scheme that stalled out after a few months(YMMSS).

    Also a few months back another company tried a similar model ( 10x pay) , needless to say this didnt last long either.

    So, the upshot is , this is not sustainable in the long term, and of course their are questions about it being a legitimate one as they are using this type of pay model.

    Yes, people who got in early will most probably make some profit , this would not make a company legit just because it pays out some money.

    All the claim of revenue share on the Giblink website can be missleading.
    However , when you actually read through their payplan you will see that it states that people get paid once they get pushed through a cycle , this is when enough people come in at the bottom of the line , this is how people get paid and how their revenue share works , not from products and advertising revenues but from new people coming in to it.

    This is shifting money from the bottom to pay the ones at the top , and can be classified as a ponzi straight and simple.

    People who are sold on this company get quite defensive when it is explained that things are simply not what they are made out to be , I say read the plan for yourself properly and trust what you read and see , and with comon sense and logical thinking explain to yourself how they can expect to pay you huge amounts of profit from your initial investment when you are not even asked to sell anything .

    Ask yourself, where does this money come from , then think , how many may lose out for you to get paid a profit.


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    Re: Gibline ?

    well said.

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    Re: Gibline ?

    Gibline seems very similar to Wealth Pools..I was listening to a Gibline conference call this evening and the host sounded like the same guy that gave the Wealth Pools calls...and much of the same structure descriptions were the same..

    This host has a matter-of-fact type attitude..This is 'the' company..No other company has done what this company has done in only a few days (Sept 10th)..

    I personally think this is just another holiday scam. So many scammers come out at this time of the year...with a seeming small amount ($100) to get in on the bigtime.

    Many people never got paid from Wealth Pools, whose product was a single dvd to teach Spanish or English....what a joke!

    The product for Gibline is individual/business advertising, ect

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    Re: Gibline ?

    If this is a scam.....my god. This is the most elaborate well conceived BEST business plan......to just go for a short con.

    I just don't see it being a scam. Why would they be concerned about people promote it ...with the stupid hype some MLM's are doing? saying you can make 10,000 in a week.....or 30,000 by Xmas IF it was scam...they would be all over the place telling people the same .....to hype it. Why would they take down the gibline info explaining it.....if they did not want to reword it and get a flash presentation that was better to understand the power of the plan.

    just things like that....I don't feel they would do if it was a quick scam.

    Lets all have a little faith ...it will be all come into the light shortly.
    Working for Your Wealth.


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    Re: Gibline ?

    Personally I think it looks like a Ponzi but I'm
    open-minded and willing to be shown otherwise...
    in writing.

    In any case, do the math on the comp plan.

    They are projecting they will have 200 million
    users, which is very unlikely I think.

    I haven't done the math myself... but I read
    something about this where a fellow figured it
    out and it looked like people will have to
    put something like 4 trillion dollars into Gibline for
    YOU to make your first $56,000.

    Earnings of a few hundred or a few thousand
    may be feasible for diligent promoters however.
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    Re: Gibline ?

    Here's a blog that summarizes the mathematics and
    surmises that in fact "no-one gets left behind, everyone does":


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