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    Beware of K2 Unlimited, Inc!!

    Beware of K2 Unlimited, Inc! They have totally ripped off my company. They make you believe that you have been approved for one of their "loan programs", then they get you to wire thousands of dollars in "due diligence" money. They have stopped answering telephone calls and any messages you leave are not returned. Their website claims to have control of millions of dollars in accounts and that they are involved in dozens of loans, yet they can't afford a secretary?! I have only spoken on the phone to Diane Glatfelter (the CEO) once; the few communications I have had with K2 Unlimited, Inc. have been through email. When I can get a reply to an email, all I have heard are flimsy excuses and outright lies as to why the "loan" for which my company has been approved hasn't closed. This has been going on for MONTHS!! I did what I thought was a thorough investigation on this company; I called the State of Massachusetts, the BBB, and the Attorney General's office for Massachusetts. There were not any negative reports. Frankly, I feel that I have been scammed and that I should kiss the thousands of dollars that I laid out for the so-called "loan" goodbye. Don't give this company your hard earned money!!!

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    Re: Beware of K2 Unlimited, Inc!!

    Is this them? BBB report,
    ID: 80350
    Company Name: K2 Unlimited, Inc.
    Company Address: 55 Glad Valley Drive
    Billerica, MA 01821

    Original Business Start Date: 1999
    Type of Entity: Corporation
    Incorporated: 2001 in Massachusetts
    Diane Glatfelter , President
    Number of Employees: 25
    Phone Number:
    (866) 663-0305
    (978) 362-1904
    Fax Number:
    (978) 349-7172
    Email Address:
    BBB Member Status: This company is not a Member
    Type of Business:
    Web Site Address:

    Nature of Business
    K2 Unlimited, Inc. offers financial services to businesses including consulting, assistance with commercial loans, venture capital, mortgages, factoring, unsecured loans, credit repair, business plans, debt consolidation for businesses and individuals, and high yield investments. The company was established in 1999 and incorporated in Massachusetts in 2001. The company employs 25 people. Ms. Diane Glatfelter is the President/CEO of the company. Any questions or problems may be directed to the attention of Ms. Glatfelter.

    Customer Experience
    The Bureau has processed no customer complaints on this company in its three year reporting period.
    When you say you contacted the State of Massachusetts and the BBB. Did you file a complaint?
    File a BBB complaint.
    Homepage for Mass. AG's Office.

    Sorry, but your not to clear on that point.

    Quote Originally Posted by BBB
    Reference Timeline
    Our goal is to successfully resolve your complaint as soon as possible.

    Please keep in mind that time (in days) allows us to work with the company on your behalf.

    You complaint will be sent to the company in: 1-5 calendar days from the date you filed the complaint

    The company will be asked to respond in: 30 calendar days from the date you filed the complaint

    You will be notified of the business response: When we receive it

    If the business fails to respond, you and the business will be notified: 31-35 calendar days from the date you filed the complaint

    Complaints are usually closed within: 35 calendar days from the date you filed the complaint
    If you have not filed a complaint then do so. If you are not satisfied with the results of the BBB complaint, see above 35 days usually, then follow up with the MA. AG's Office.
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    Double post.

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    Re: Beware of K2 Unlimited, Inc!!

    yes this is them. I have been scammed too. I noticed they have 25 employees...not true. She works out of her home and if you call, you will never speak to a person....only a voice mail.
    They are being investigated and they are linked in with some real crooks...read the blog from this article..http://www.floridatoday.com/blogs/br...3_archive.html

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