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Thread: Michael Badger?

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    Michael Badger?

    Has anyone heard of Michael Badger offering free money to promote is upcoming marketing tool? You do not have to buy anything nor do you have to sell anything. Once his program launches, you will get a share of the profits. The website is www.michaelbadger.com. I signed up and got an affiliate link, but I don't know if I want to advertise yet. I just want some feedback first.


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    Re: Michael Badger?

    How much "free money" is he promising and when will it be paid out ?

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    Re: Michael Badger?

    Here's what I got in my email:
    This is Michael Badger and I just wanted to say thanks for signing up for my pre-launch. You made a great decision by deciding to join us. I was serious when I told you that you will never have to do anything else in order to start receiving m.oney from me. I don't have any tricks up my sleeve other than to introduce you to the world of Internet marketing. You see, part of why I have developed this project is to reach out and let the world know about the very real potential for ordinary people to achieve their financial goals by working online. Even if you have never even thought about using the Internet as a way to create an income for yourself, I am here to let you know that you definitely can! From now until the day we launch the new service,I will be making it my goal to help as many peopleas I can to reach their financial goals by working online. For the next seven days, you will be receiving emails from me on the very powerful potential of Internet marketing and how it can help you accomplish your financial goals. If you are already a seasoned marketer, you should look at this as an opportunity to introduce your non-Internet-marketing friends to our unique industry. For many of us it can be difficult to introduce our "real world" friends to the world of Internet marketing. But think about this - even your friends who would never be interested in a normal IM offer will be interested in this campaign. It has been designed to expand the internet marketing industry to include significantly more people. By telling some of your "real-world" friends about the fre.e mone.y offer, you could easily pique their interest in our industry and end up with valuable trusted partners to work with. There is even a special email in the members area designed for you to send to your non-IM friends.

    I don't know. I think it's weird! Oh.. and he mentioned on his website that he will be putting dots between money and free because most email programs will put his emails in the SPAM/JUNK folder.

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    Re: Michael Badger?

    Huh. Never heard of it. I get the impression that the author loves buzzwords, though. (Drinking game?)
    "free money!" :drunk:
    "financial goals" :drunk:
    "internet marketing" :drunk:

    In any case, it looks like another eBook pyramid. Revolutionary new Internet marketing method, limited time offer, change your life, blah blah blah... At a casual read, I don't see anything that's different from the bazillion other GRQ sites mentioned here. If you want to follow it and see where it goes, I'm curious. Just don't spend any money on my behalf!

    By the way. If this program is in pre-launch, where the hell did the testimonials come from? ;)
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    Re: Michael Badger?

    "I don't know. I think it's weird! Oh.. and he mentioned on his website that he will be putting dots between money and free because most email programs will put his emails in the SPAM/JUNK folder."

    Perhaps that is where they belong. It sounds like another typical get rich quick on the internet scheme if ya ask me...

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    Re: Michael Badger?

    This is Michael Badger and I would like to explain a little bit about the program that I have recently launched.

    My intention with michaelbadger.com is certainly not to mislead anyone or run any kind of scam site. I have consulted with an attorney who specializes in Internet Law. He told me that how I have set up everything is legal.

    Even after that consultation I was still not satisfied, so I also consulted with a top MLM Consultant, someone whose name you would probably know well. He is a person who often calls out Internet scams on his website. He too gave me his approval on how I have set up the prelaunch. He claims that it is legitimate and not a pyramid structure at all, which it is not.

    I have not seen a program of this nature online before. It has a unique structure, so I can understand why there may be some confusion over whether or not it is a scam. I would like to help clear up that confusion. If you have further questions after you read this please feel free to ask me.

    I have set up a word of mouth advertising campaign for a new web-based service that I will be launching in a few months. I am promising a portion of the profits from that venture to anyone who signs up now for my newsletter and agrees to be notified about the new service when it is ready.

    Once the new service is launched, no one else will be able to get into the profit sharing pool. It will be closed to new signups.

    Of course I am hoping that people who receive the announcement about the service will see value in it and decide to become customers, but there is no requirement whatsoever that people become my paying customer in order to receive their share of the profits.

    As I claim on the site all anyone ever has to do is sign up, never pay anything, and they will be part of this profit-sharing pool.

    Once the service is launched, the pool will be closed but I will continue to advertise the service itself, and thereby attract more customers.

    So, as you can see, the group of people who are in the profit sharing pool is separate from the group of people who are paying customers. There is no place in this where I am taking money from new recruits in order to make payments to longer standing members (which would be a classic pyramid scenario).

    I am not making any promises to anyone about how much they can earn with this prelaunch. I see this as an experimental marketing campaign, and I freely admit that I do not know what the end results will be. This is stated clearly on the homepage of my website:

    The amount of money you receive will depend entirely on the number of people who take this offer and the amount of profits that the new service brings in every month once it is launched.

    I will admit that the one point of question right now is the fact that I have not yet announced what the new service is going to be. I can’t do that because I don’t want competitors to develop a similar product to the one I am developing.

    In my years as an Internet marketer, I have had people come to me over and over again to ask me to do something for them manually that they could not do for themselves. This was something that was easy for me to do because I understand HTML. But for someone who does not understand HTML it would be very difficult. The service I will be offering gives people a way to do this on their own easily, and will benefit their marketing significantly. I have not seen this service offered elsewhere, and I truly believe it will be an in-demand service once it is available.

    So, no – I am not just going to launch an ebook and tell everyone to buy it so they can make money selling it to their downline.

    There are more parts to the program than just what I have listed here, but since nothing I am doing is illegal I do not think it is necessary to break it all down into minute detail in this forum. If you do have further questions, please ask. Or, you can also contact me at http://michaelbadger.com/contact.html (please make reference to scam.com is you contact me this way).

    Finally, the testimonials on my site are all real. I have run a couple of other programs online in the past. The comments on my site are all from satisfied members of my past programs.

    I will not ask for your trust. Trust is something that is earned over time, and I do hope to eventually earn yours. All I will ask for now is that you keep an open mind and look beyond the surface of what I have put together. It may cause your red flags to start waving, but please look a little deeper than just the surface. Please feel free to scrutinize what I am doing and let me know your thoughts. But please don’t just make blanket statements based on your preconceived notions about what you think this might be.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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    Re: Michael Badger?

    Wow... MICHAEL BADGER!!! It's so nice to meet you!

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    Re: Michael Badger?

    Hi 4u2nv,

    Nice to meet you too. Please let me know if you have any questions. I will do my best to answer anything as clearly as I can.


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    Re: Michael Badger?

    Hi Michael,

    Nice of you to drop in and explain. You've gone up even further in my estimations. :)

    I'd actually signed up to your site way back when, and the reason I did was the very approach you're taking - no need to pay or sell, just sign up and that's it.

    I have become a Premium Member though, as I believe that even the small amount I paid for that is worth the free tools and bonuses you're already giving us.

    I hope this venture works out for you, as it's about time that Internet marketing gained some respect and morals back. Here's to success. :)

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    Re: Michael Badger?

    Hi Guys

    Re :Michael Badger

    I have joined this and so far so good
    got an e-mail saying payment is coming,
    should be due on the 1st Dec.
    I do know that others Have been paid on the 15th
    as is stated,so so far so good

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    Re: Michael Badger?

    Hey MB

    I am a IM too and I would like to say congrats to your sales strategy, for sure you can get a ton of opt-ins over this "FREE MONEY' statement. All from the hungry "money making" crowd. After you can cash in over a e-mail campaign that wont cost you a dime. Very smart, perhaps I use this idea for my next project.

    I think you pay $1.- per sales or so !? Whatever, If you would launch over Clickbank you would have to pay much more to a Affiliate. A other smart move.

    Then for the people who joined, there are no obligations at all I understood, but at some point you receive a offer to purchase something.

    MB's statement :
    "Of course I am hoping that people who receive the announcement about the service will see value in it and decide to become customers, but there is no requirement whatsoever that people become my paying customer in order to receive their share of the profits."

    I have absolutely no doubt that you know how to run your business, and I can't tell anything about your product, as it is even not available yet and you wont tell us anything.
    But after it's available I would like to take a look at it and REVIEW the system, book, membership or whatever it is. I wish you much success for your launch, if your product is as useful as you say you will make a lot of money with it.

    In my spare time I do make honest reviews and do recommend a "must buy", or a "don't buy" about all what is new in the "money making" segment. I love to help people for not being scammed.

    Personal invitation for 10 days FREE at Wealthy Affiliate. Limited time full access WITHOUT paying a Cent Read first a Review HERE

    BREAKING NEWS: Join my Free Make Money Course www.FreeAffiliateMarketingTraining.org

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    Re: Michael Badger?

    Simplicity, ongoing communication and integrity appear to be at work here.
    [email protected]

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