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Thread: Melvin Perry

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    Melvin Perry

    Hello everyone,

    This guy is a scammer. Do Not Order One Thing From Him.
    I am newbie here. I do know that many people are ripped off everyday by scam artists that sell you a dream and then take it away.

    I have ordered some informational products on how to start a business with this person. This guy seems to have dissappeared off the planet or he just not is taking my emails. I requested a refund. I am not satisified at all and I cannot see the videos. He did say he would give it to me and I am still waiting. I have sent follow up emails to no avail and not one has been answered as of today. The last email I did receive was when he stated that he would return my refund.And that was 2 months ago.

    All I can say is, he is not genuine. Do not buy one thing from the person. You have been warned.... I wanted to post this here for all to see. Remember the name. Melvin Perry.....

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    Re: Melvin Perry

    If you have paid through credit card, you can get a refund.

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    Re: Melvin Perry

    He is indeed one of the smoothest scammers around. He is also full of empty promises. I participated to (and paid) for one of his plans a while back but never got the returns promised.. not even close. He had someone build some poorly designed websites for me and others list members, hosted under vmpowerhosting, but then he lost that company. I never got the support he promised either. In another instance, he promised some of the list subscribers to work on projects with them and share the profits but, again, he never made good on that. He promises to help you with a lot of talk about honesty but nothing ever materializes. I have been on his lists for a number of years and have witnessed him go from one failed business idea to another and the list subscribers losing money as well.

    I have stayed on his mail list only so I can watch and monitor what he's promoting and what he says in his emails. His latest email, today, pleads with you (in the spirit of Christmas) to pay him $897 so he can get out of a situation he got himself into and now his account is "very negative" (as he put it). For someone who claims to make a lot of money from internet marketing, how come he's so broke? He's good at making you feel sorry for him; don't fall for it.

    I recommend to anyone who is considering buying anything from him, to subscribe to his list first for at least six months and simply watch.. don't buy anything.. just watch and read the emails he sends out. You'll see a pattern developing.

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    Re: Melvin Perry

    He is a con artist - do not buy anything from him as he will not give you a refund. Make a complaint to paypal if you have used that service as when they get to many complaints they will have to do some thing about it. He owns money but paypal needs to see a lot of complaints so do it now - escalate a complaint in paypal.

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    Re: Melvin Perry

    I wish I would have read this info sooner. I also lost $747.00 to this scam artist. I have been sending emails to his personal email address [email protected] and to [email protected] and I called his phone 847-380-9213 and got a voice mail but I can not tell if it is his. It is not personalized. I also call his skype account and get voice message.

    I see he is at it again trying to sell something else for $897.00

    This guy is a bad news. Do not get caught up with him you will lose your money fast.

    I have been trying to get my money back for 1 year and he uses paypal there for it is hard to get a refund.

    If anyone knows how to go about getting him let me know I will help.

    Gaylene Haver
    [email protected]
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    Re: Melvin Perry

    Not surprised to read any of this. All I had to do was to view one of his videos - just hearing him talk screamed "NO F****** WAY".

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    Re: Melvin Perry

    ABSOLUTELY. This guy is a ing scammer. Somehow I went against my rule of trusting people who talk about honesty and integrity and it came back to bite me. Paid for an info product and he kept saying that the accompanying videos would be ready in a week and has yet to deliver. He also promised weekly teleseminars and has yet to deliver yet he keeps charging my card and won't respond to email/phone calls. I"m on the phone with paypal right now issuing a charge back.

    Run away from this guy. One of his companies is called vmpowerhost.

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    Re: Melvin Perry

    I also purchased some of his videos.Which only play online.
    They aren't playing.I have e-mailed him three times.
    Still no reply.

    I am starting to get pissed.

    There has to be a way to deal with this.

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