Be wary of this company and check out the other sites and names before you even give it a second thought!

This makes your office look like a joke, this company has been in business for awhile, changes names according to complaints, been investigated by the FBI under another name and yet they are still operating in your jurisdiction and continue to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. I have already contacted CNN and hope to bring to light the ineffectiveness and total disregard your office must have for the citizens by ignoring the complaints against this company and its associates! Horizon Technologies LLC aka Angel Star GPS aka Millenium Plus LLC aka Millenium GPS aka Car Tracker GPS located in a small telemarketing building at 2741 W. Southern Ave #6 Tempe Arizona, 85282 with a phone number of 866-5586-1770 this is 1 of 6 phone numbers. Had dealings with Tay Craig (a manager) Shawn Daily (a coach?) Rich Patterson (customer service) owner suppose to be Mike & Toni Angle or Angel it shows up in various ways in various complaints! They have cheated me out of $1500 and I am going to go to whatever lengths necessary to get a refund, I have tried to talk to them and Shawn never in, Rich says its to bad, Toni and Mike don't take calls and Tay actually said I have your address so I know where you live and maybe you have something in your background your trying to hide so I will ruin you! Wow! What a company to have doing business in your area, I wonder how many others there are nationwide who have been cheated? Maybe just to get an idea, you would check RIP OFF REPORTS, and check all of their names, business as well as personal as well as the BBB! Of couese not sure it will matter to you because when I commented that I would be reporting them to those companies, Tat Craig's answer was do you think we care, we are nationwide and those are just little blog sites so who cares. Well hopefully your office will!! I will help in anyway possible but I will also be passing this along in every way possible in the hopes of getting my money refunded as well as preventing this from happening to anyone else. I know your office is in charge of investigating these complaints, hopefully you will. My number is 850-221-9634 and my name is Scott. I look forward to hearing from you.