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    $500 Walmart Gift Card OH BOY!!!!!

    So it's pretty obvious there is no gift card but I was just wondering if anyone else recived this email

    Dear Gift Recipient :

    We are attempting to contact you about a $500 Walmart Gift Card. Please input your email address below so we can process your notification.
    Shipping Address: Address Not On File

    Input your email address here so we can retrieve your information.

    Thank you,
    Michelle Larson
    Card Services
    Notice ID# rfXF
    Iíve received a countless number of emails from this and the thing is the recipient is always different so there is no blocking them.. I really wish I could just stop them form sending me 40 emails a day but Iím afraid if I go to their website to find some sort of unsubscribe Iíll get viruses..

    Can anyone give me any info on these emails and how to stop them?

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    Re: $500 Walmart Gift Card OH BOY!!!!!

    Never respond to them in any shape or form. By responding you only confirming that your email is real. If your email address overflowing with spam abandon it. Sign up for web email with spam filter.

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