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    Mystery Shopper rippoff

    I warn you against Shop Until You Drop ...they took my money and then I could not get back into their site as they said I was not in their database. I tried emailing them several times and only got back auto responses asking me to sign up again. I have finally gone to CLKBANK.com to reclaim my money.

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    Re: Mystery Shopper rippoff

    I hope you get your money back! You NEVER have to pay to learn how to be a mystery shopper or to become one. There is a free list of mystery shopping companies on my website. If you want to be a shopper just fill out the applications with each company and they will walk you through the rest.

    volition.com is also great for mystery shoppers. A few of the companies will post jobs in the forum there.

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    Re: Mystery Shopper rippoff

    As katiescorner says, never pay for mystery shopping job lists, all reputed companies allow you to sign up for free

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