This guy operartes in Houston Texas. His first company was Texas guaranteed Mortgage. His license as a broker was revoked. He had several complaints with the BBB. He used his girlfriend, Vaness Domingez a.k.a. Vanessa Campos, an illegal immigrant, to originate loans in the hispanic community. As a LO with his company, I witnessed him forge docs to qualify borrowers. When lenders started coming after him because so many clients defaulted on loans they weren't qualified to be in, and his wife filed for divorce, he bankrupted the company. His mother is a janitor in alabama, and he forged paychecks to qualify her for a $500K home which he lives in. Look on under Carolyn J Bryant. He had all his LOs move the a company listed under his buddy. The company is texas 1st Residential, and called himself the branch manager, meanwhile, he was still originating loans.

This guy is the definition of fraud, and now works for countrywide!