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    USL, Inc. Jewelry "company" in Orlando

    TOTAL scam! This company sells jewelry at Timeshare resorts, mostly in Orlando. They also have sales reps in Texas, California, and New England. The jewelry they sell is NOT REAL, even though they present it that way. It is gold plated and very cheap. These items will tarnish in a few weeks! You can purchase better quality items at the flea market. Even though they will exchange your product when it does tarnish, the SAME EXACT thing will happen. Im almost positive the owner of this company is satan himself. I have never met a more manipulative person in my whole life. SCAM ARTIST! Karma will eventually be the end of STEVE P. KOHN!

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    Re: USL, Inc. Jewelry "company" in Orlando

    I have worked for USL Inc for over 11 years.

    To put this company on scam.com is definitely misleading. For the following reasons;
    Voted several times as the “Top 100 Best Companies to Work for the Working Family” Nominated by the University of Florida as one of the “6th Fastest Growing Companies in the State of Florida” We have received awards from Past Governor Jeb Bush as the “Best Run Working Family Business”

    We have one of the best return policies. Where could you find a company that will give you an equity program on jewelry for what ever reason!!!!

    Please take the time to visit our website at www.uslshop.com and you won’t regret it

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