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Thread: Is this a scam?

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    Is this a scam?

    Hi everyone, new member here.

    I've been having a look for homeworking oppertunites while I study and when i've been running company/website names through google i've found links to here saying x is a scam, so clearly i'm not the only one after this kind of work.

    I've ran into this homeworking site, and would like opinions if this is another one of these scams.

    I setup a gmail account to get added to the "more info" e-mails these sites offer, incase some are nasty in spam or other junk. I've attached the material on a text file as it is quite a large e-mail I got back.

    If it is a scam (and the back of my head tells me it probably is) it's the most convincing one i've ran into yet.

    If you notice at the bottom of the mail I got, there is a Data Protection Register number and I went to the registry search here (enter Z9886634 in the number field) and there is indeed an entry for this company. I'm not sure how much that proves though. So I would like the views of those more experinced in weeding out such things.

    Is there anyone online I can contact about such sites? To see if they are the real deal? I thought about trading standards but I don't think they're the right body to ask about such things.

    2nd of all, I notice one of the adversts on the fourm (the one that links to therichdude.com/uk) isn't that linking to a scam page too? If so, why is it allowed on here?

    Thanks for your input, I look forward to reading and learning more on here.

    PS, I ran into this page http://www.theanswerbank.co.uk/Jobs-...ion432253.html when quiering the homeworking site. As you can see one person says this site works for them and they're earning x now per week. Unless i'm missing something there doesn't seem to be a profile search on that website so there's no way to check if that's that profile's only response to an answer ever or what.
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    Re: Is this a scam?

    Usual PPC scheme. Unless you know what it is do not get involved.

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    Re: Is this a scam?

    It is a freewebs site, if they earn so much can they not spend 7$ for a domain name ?

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