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    I smell SCAM...Tell me What U think?

    Job Description:
    You will receive funds on your bank account that come from the stockbrokers and sale of the merchandise by our international clients. We will supply you with a detailed information about a transfer including full name of the sender and sum total in every given case.
    When funds come to your bank account you have to transfer the funds to our client using international money gram payment system. The main advantage of such service is the shortest time in which the seller can receive funds for the sold merchandise. If you delay this process, our client will be able to cancel the contract and we will suffer financial losses. Please remember that you are handling money, be very responsible and attentive!
    Our compensation will be also deducted from the received funds on the commission basis. During the probationary period (30 days) you will be paid 1500 USD per month, plus 8% commission from every payment received from a client. After the completion of the probationary period your salary will go up to 3000 USD per month, plus 8% commission per successfully handled transfer.
    You must to channel out received assets during two business days to our client as indicated in the contract.
    Our clients value our performance and are ready to pay extra for shorter transaction terms. If we manage to deliver the merchandise top the buyer during 10 days, the deal considers to be fulfilled in rapid terms.
    Probationary period also imposes restrictions on the social packet of our corporation. You will be able to receive social packet only after you successfully complete the probationary period.

    Social packet includes:
    educational assistance and professional development programs
    child-care subsidies
    business casual attire
    stock options
    Detailed information concerning the social packet will be sent to you after the successful completion of the probationary period.

    Candidate requirements:
    More than 18 years old.
    An ability to reply promptly to the e-mails every day.
    An ability to receive phone calls from us.
    A bank account to receive payments. Important: Bank account must not be assigned to Paypal.
    Experience in the financial sphere is welcome.

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    Re: I smell SCAM...Tell me What U think?

    Uh....YES. SCAM. Duh.

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    Re: I smell SCAM...Tell me What U think?

    Definitely A Scam!

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    Re: I smell SCAM...Tell me What U think?

    man that thing smell worse than a skunk

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    Re: I smell SCAM...Tell me What U think?

    OK think about this.

    1. Who are you that you should be contacted for a job by some prestgeous international company out of the blue?

    2. For many years international companies have not had to depend upon strangers doing money transfers for them. There are international banks and financial agencies which suit legitamite businesses just fine.

    3. The grammar of the letter stinks and even if derived from translated text, the grammar should be better than what you see.


    Here endith the lesson.

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