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    Who can you report to?

    In March of 2007 I was scammed by a company by the name of Bercuprod. I sent several emails to this company and had no reasponse. Today under a different email address and name I received an email from them stating that I can order online. This in terms would mean that they are still up to no good. Is there any where that I can report this online site so they can be investigated? They are located in the United Kingdom however not the US. Any help that you can provided is grealty appreciated. Word of advise do not order anything from www.bercuprod.com!!!

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    Doulbe post.

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    Re: Who can you report to?

    Welcome to scam.com.

    The 'Contact Us' page gives the following;
    BercuProd Inc.

    Rovisco Pais, 1049-001

    Phone number : +351-21 1567 367
    Fax number : +351-21 0313045
    I am not able to check address in Portugal, however the phone number comes back with International Calling Plans as;

    Information on phone number range +351 21XXXXXXX

    Number billable as geographic number
    Country or destination Portugal
    City or exchange location Lisboa
    The WhoIs info shows;
    Registrant Contact:
    Adam Thompson (bercuprod@verizonmail.com)
    44 Kingston Drive #137
    Daleville, Virginia, my 24083
    P: +1.5402934128 F:
    Created: 2006-12-03
    Expires: 2007-12-03
    Last Modified: 2006-12-04
    Of NOTE IP Location Malaysia - Malaysia - Telekom Malaysia Berhad
    Using Whitepages.com reverse phone look-up gives;
    (540) 293-4128
    Type: Cell Phone, Provider: Virginia Pcs Alliance, L.c, Location: Roanoke, VA
    And using reverse address look-up shows;
    The Ups Store
    44 Kingston Dr
    Daleville, VA 24083-2574
    (540) 966-0220
    So that shows a cell phone number and a rented mail box as an address.

    I also noticed that the site gives no payment info, nor does it give a VAT number. It appears that nothing on the site has been updated since FEB2007, reviews and products listed, etc.

    Since I can not ascertain the exact location , I would suggest filiing a complaint with http://ic3.gov/
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    Re: Who can you report to?

    You can only post on forums and ripoffreport

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