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    Searchmarketing, LLC

    AWSM Technology, LLC is an internet marketing company. They are now operating under the name of Searchmarketing, LLC, Matthew O'Brien, CEO. Searchmarketing, LLC, is now using "OPRAH SCHOOLS" in their new ads to scam the public again.

    The old company AWSM Technology, LLC is currently being sued in a possible class-action lawsuit:http://glovervancott.com/StatusofCaseAgainstAWSM.htm

    The phoenix, AZ Better Busines Bureau has a fraud alert posted:http://www.scamfraudalert.com/f90/bb...logy-llc-5728/

    AWSM Technology, LLC fraudently used the name of "Billy Blanks" in their ads before, as they are now using the "OPRAH Schools."

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    You sound like a cry baby. According to their legal council you had to pay restitution and lost an arbitration case. Why don't you face the facts and realize not all investments pay off. We have all taken black eyes and we will most likely suffer more at some point. www.oprahsschool.com is a blog and it is ranked on first page on my search of google for oprahs school. Go get blogging for dummies , they have it at Barnes and Noble for $22
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