I took a cingular phone service from a dealer in New jersey where i already had a phone from my earlier service and asked him how much money he'll give me back if i take just a connection for which he said $150 after 6 months and i said ok and took the deal. He also gave a return copy of the aggrement that he would give me that money. After six months when i have contacted him, he says that he will send me the money either by western union or a check which i never received it. after that it was very difficult to contact him on phone and i started to contact him through email. He replied to first 2 emails and then no more replies. I also saw in my contract that he applied for a motorola razr phone on my name which i think he might have sold it and made money.

My friend took the same deal with me and he got the money from him since he is living there in NJ but in my case i moved from NJ to Chicago.
Can any one suggest what i can do, do i have to complaint to the attorney general in NJ?