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james adama

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Aug 18
From JamesAdama
Abidjan, Ivory Coast
West Africa.

I am James adama the only child of late chief and Mrs adama johnson,my father was poisoned to death by his business associates and brothers because of his wealth and during my fathers sickness he called me on his sick bed as his only child because my mother died when am young and told me about the money($7.500.000) he deposited in a security company here in our country Cote D' Ivoire that it was because of this money he was poisoned that if he dies i shall look for some one whom i trust to help me transfer this money out of this our country to his account for investment purpose abroad while i will continue my education then the person will be managing the investment.Dear am soliciting your assistance to help me transfer this money out of this country for my life sake while i will come to meet you to continue my education in your country.
Dear i am looking forward to hear from you so that we can discuss on what will be your compensation for this assistace.Please reply me through my private adress
From James Adama

Later mail from bank...

On this ground, The Bank will request you and your partner James Adama or both to procure a Probate Letter of Administration / Authorization dully signed, stamped and sealed and delivered to the Bank formally from and by Probate Department of Ministry of Justice here in Cote D' Ivoire respectively and issued in your favour or jointly with your partner.

These Probate Letter Of Administration / Authorisation, will Auttomatically revoke "The Deposit Contract Bond" which the original depositor entered with Bank and also Administer the Asset (Deposited Fund ) to the Beneficiary,in this case, it will empower the Bank to effect Transfer on the Deposited Fund into your designated Account as you will forward it to the Bank and give access of the Deposited Fund Account to you (The Beneficiary ) or the Next of Kin or jointly as may be instructed .

This is beacuse, The original Depositor(Late Mr.Adama) on his own did not also write an instruction to the Bank or "WILL" in-respect of the Deposited Fund before his untimely death and these makes it difficult for the Bank to break the Contract Bond and the only body that have the legal power to break this Deposit Contract Bond is The Probate Department of Ministry of Justice through this legal Instrument called Probate Letter Of Administration /Authorization hence you were asked to procure it for the immediate Transfer of Fund into your Account without any delay.

You therefore consult either your legal adviser or any trusted recorgnised legal practitioner here in Cote D'Ivoire on the issue so that he or she will apply for it formally since it is less time consuming and less cost for a recognised legal practicing Lawyer here in Cote D'Ivoire to procure and almost the only body which the ministry of Justice will give proper attention in respect of it.

Since you are far away from here, we can recommand you one of the trust lawyers here who can help you to procure the document urgently since it can not cost much and it is also less time . His name is Barrister. Mohamed Cherif and his telephone number +225 0587 3061 You can call him immediately you recieve this mail as from 8 o'Clock GMT to 17 hours GMT so that he will move for it because as soon as he procured it, we are going to wire the Fund into your account immediately.

Forward also to the Bank your Bank Account detail where the Fund will be transferring into after this legal document has been secured and delivered to the Bank which will include, Your Account Name, Account Number, either Swift or Transit Abba routing or IBAN Code of the Bank with Address of the Bank and telephone and fax number of the Bank for effective communication and transmission of confirmation if need be. You might wish to Call the Bank on this official line +225 09 74 82 96 after going through this mail for any explanation and more brief on the issue

Bank Director yeah right :P

After that call their lawyer

Thank you for your mail. I saw what the bank wrote and i thank you for all your efforts . I have call the lawyer who said we should pay some money to get this Probate letter of administration / Authority that will enable the bank transfer this money to your bank account in your country and he demanded for 2.850 euro which i don't have all the money now and i have beg him he told that he can only help if i can be able to come up with this money.

Presently i don't have all the money that is demanded by the lawyer for the document so i am very much disturbed so i will be more happy if you can help me in getting this document so that as soon as the transfer is done both of us will be conmpasated.
I have call the bank and they told me that they can not transfer this money unless this Vital document is presented to the bank and i can not have access to the money in the bank till it has been transferred to a foreign bank account.

I demand that you sent all your banking informtion and your full names and address to the bank so that they will start to process the transfer and please do see how you can help me so that we can get pay this lawyer and get this document that will enable the bank to transfer this money this week.

I will be glad to hear from you very Ugently