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    Moneytree Lending lead

    This is supposidly for REALTORS who they send leads to you for the low price of just $50 per lead double verfied bull. Just a way to take your money. With agents stuggling they wanna take more of your limited money BEWARE out of San Fernando CA

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    Re: Moneytree Lending lead

    Yeah, I can vouch for this. Went thru LendingTree over FOUR YEARS AGO to refinance, ended up going with a better deal with a local mortgage broker. I STILL get moron brokers calling me with the info I gave LendingTree.

    Most of the spam phone calls I get are from mortgage brokers violating the do-not-call law or from off shore slimeball telemarketers trying to get leads to sell to idiot brokers. I usually go ahead and give the offshore scum phony info so they will connect me with a broker who then ends up paying $50+. I make it clear to them that their dealing with these off shore scum who don't make the slightest attempt to abide by telemarketing rules just cost that broker $50+.

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    Re: Moneytree Lending lead

    Don't believe everything you see on television.???
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