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    Hongmax International Are Scammers!!

    :mad: HONGMAX INTERNATIONAL located in Schenzen China is a SCAMMER COMPANY. They are selling broken phones that doesn`t work at all as New ones. The phones comes in boxes with new housings but the motherboards and the parts under the housing is just CRAP and well USED. THEY WON`T ADMIT THEIR MISTAKES/SCAMS AND SEND YOU TO HELL IF YOU TRY TO NEGOTIATE WITH THEM.STAY AWAY FROM HONGMAX INTERNATIONAL-SCAMMER COMPANY DELUXE!!!! :mad:

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    Scammers Www.gsmatq.com, Antaiqi Technology Co

    Hello Friends, This Is Just To Let You Know That This Is A Chinese Scammers, I Hate Them They Stole From Me $7,000 Us Really Please Stay Away From Them, They Act Like A Real Company, Send You An Invoice And When Send The Money They Only Send You Empty Packages, Not The Real Items Included, Please Contact Me I Can Proved Info, This Company Real Scammers!!!!!

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    Re: Hongmax International Are Scammers!!

    The price includes postage charges.

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