It all started with one of those boxes you see at the check out counter of a Subway or deli place, I can't remember which one this particular one was at. The drop box is for a drawing to win a free membership to Bally's Total Fitness. I filled out a the slip of paper provided with my name, phone number, and other basic info about myself.

A month later I receive a phone call from an employee at Bally's and was told that i won a free membership and to come in and claim the prize. I arrived and the gave me a scratch off card. They told me that this card would tell me if I won a free membership. After scratching it, it said I won 3 months free to Bally's. I was confused and asked why they already told me I won a membership on the phone before that scratch off card. The person at the desk told me that they weren't sure. Being the naive 17 year old that I was, I went along with what they were telling me.

They took me into a secluded room with a single computer to set me up with my "free" membership. The man started asking me personal questions and typing my info into the computer. At the end of the information gathering, the man proceeded to ask me about my credit card information. I did not have a credit card, and he said that I can write a check instead of charging. Being confused about this whole thing, I stopped and asked if I was being charged money for this "free" membership. Looking astonished by my question, he quickly came back and told me that I have to sign a 3 year contract of $1000+ to receive the free membership of 3 months.

I stood up, took my drivers license and said, "**** you, you deceiving piece of ****" and then left