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    Mr Smith exposed as the real scam....Not AMBIT

    Please read the following exerpt of a post from Mr. Smith......

    "I went to my Power Zone this weekend to find that Ambit has scheduled their first corporate training ($25). But then much to my surprise I didnít recognize any of the names on the speaker line-up from the current group of Ambit leaders. "

    Now, for close to a year, Mr. Smith has posted that Ambit is a scam. However, in this post, he says he "went to my Power Zone". Folks, having a "Power Zone" means you are an Ambit Consultant.

    This Mr Smith is a clown. Do you mean to tell me that Mr Smith invested in something he claims is a Scam? What a joke.

    Keep up the hard work Mr. Smith......you aren't hurting anyone.

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    Re: Mr Smith exposed as the real scam....Not AMBIT

    Mr. Smith is Daryl Smith, an employee of Ignite and one of Chris Domhoff's lackeys. Not one single post of his has been anything other than a sad attempt to trash a competitor when the industry is big enough for two companies to do well.

    Daryly continues to characterize Ambit's growth in Texas as slow but they already have leaders in Texas who earn more than top Ignite leaders even though Ambit is only a year old.

    Daryl continues to characterize Ambit's New York launch as a failure but they are packing rooms all over the city every night of the week. The truth is Ignite announced they were going to launch NY and then didn't or couldn't and they look incompetent.

    The truth is poor Daryl and the other Ignite executives desparately want to know what kind of growth Ambit is having because they are scared Ambit may blow past them.

    Don't worry Daryl, when Constellation buys Stream out of desparation to try and save the customers you continue to lose, I'm sure they'll accelerate Ignite's launch into Georgia that is already months behind the date Chris Domhoff announced back in February -- oh wait -- Constellation doesn't sell natural gas do they?

    Tell you what, Mr. Smith. You keep posting lies about Ambit while your executives keep promising things they can't deliver. And I'll keep focusing on building my Ambit business while our executives keep doing what they say they will do and let's see who ends up where.

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